12 Facts About Eddy Cue


Eddy Cue was born on Eduardo H Cue; October 23,1964 and is Apple's senior vice president of Services, reporting to CEO Tim Cook.


Eddy Cue testified in the antitrust case against Apple for conspiring on eBook pricing.


Eddy Cue joined Apple in 1989 and was instrumental in creating the Apple online store in 1998, the iTunes Store in 2003, and the App Store in 2008.


Eddy Cue played a key role in developing Apple's iLife suite of applications, namely Apple Books, the iAd advertising service, and Apple's App Store of more than 700,000 applications.


Eddy Cue is widely known at Apple for turning around its failed products, such as the MobileMe data syncing service as well as iCloud in 2011, which now has more than a quarter billion users.


Likewise, Eddy Cue is famous for advising Steve Jobs to consider creating a smaller version of the iPad based on his own experience with the product.


Eddy Cue is a fan of rock music, with Bruce Springsteen as one of his favorite artists.

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Eddy Cue was recognized by the cancer research center City of Hope with its 2014 Spirit of Life Award, honoring an individual whose work has fundamentally impacted the music, film, and entertainment industry.


Eddy Cue earned bachelor's degrees in computer science and economics at Duke University.


Eddy Cue is an avid Duke basketball fan, and both of his sons Adam and Spencer studied computer science at Duke University as well.


Additionally, Eddy Cue joined Duke Men's Basketball Coach Mike Krzysweski in founding PowerForward, a mobile video network which targets the B2B market offering subscriptions to video content and case studies aimed to help corporations foster leadership and build teams.


Eddy Cue is the first Cuban-American on Duke's Board of Trustees and donated $10 million to the Duke Science and Technology Initiative in 2021.