13 Facts About Eintracht Frankfurt


Eintracht Frankfurt have won the German championship once, the DFB-Pokal five times, the UEFA Europa League twice and finished as runner-up in the European Cup once.

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Eintracht Frankfurt have enjoyed some success in the Bundesliga, having either won or drawn more than three-quarters of their games as well as having finished the majority of their seasons placed in the top half of the table, but having the highest number of losses in the league .

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Eintracht Frankfurt picked up where they left off after World War II, playing as a solid side in the first division Oberliga Sud and capturing division titles in 1953 and 1959.

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Eintracht Frankfurt played Bundesliga football for 33 seasons, finishing in the top half of the table for the majority of them.

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Eintracht Frankfurt achieved only three draws from the last seven games of the season and were relegated on the 34th matchday.

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In 1967, Eintracht Frankfurt won the Intertoto Cup after beating Inter Bratislava in the final.

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Club logo derives from the coat of arms of the city of Eintracht Frankfurt, which itself is a reference to the one-headed imperial eagle of the 13th century.

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Since 2005, Eintracht Frankfurt has had a living mascot, a golden eagle named Attila from the nearby Hanau Zoo, who has currently been present at over 200 different games.

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Since local rival Kickers Offenbach sport the colours red and white, Eintracht Frankfurt avoids playing in such a kit, preferring to play in black and red, or in black and white.

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Eintracht Frankfurt maintain rivalries with Darmstadt 98 regionally, known as the Hesse derby, as well with 1.

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In both clubs' early years, there used to be a fierce rivalry, but after World War II Eintracht Frankfurt proved to be the stronger club and the ways parted and the rivalry deteriorated due to lack of contact.

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Eintracht Frankfurt supporters have an international friendship with supporters of Italian club Atalanta.

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The professional footballers are managed as a separate limited corporation, Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball-AG, which is a subsidiary of the parent club.

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