25 Facts About Ensenada Mexico


Ensenada Mexico is a major tourist destination, owing to its warm Mediterranean climate and proximity to the Pacific Ocean, and is commonly known as La Cenicienta del Pacifico .

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Ensenada Mexico was founded in 1882, when the small community of Rancho Ensenada Mexico de Todos Santos was made the regional capital for the northern partition of the Baja California Territory.

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Today, Ensenada Mexico is a major economic and cultural hub for Baja California.

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Ensenada Mexico is an important biotechnology hub and is home to numerous research institutions, like the Ensenada Mexico Center for Scientific Research.

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In 1882, Ensenada Mexico was designated the capital of Baja California, and attempts at developing the area were made by the English Mexican Land and Colonization Company.

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Twentieth-century development of Ensenada Mexico was assisted by prohibition, which sent Americans and Canadians south of their border in search of entertainment and alcohol, developing first Tijuana, then Rosarito, and finally Ensenada Mexico as tourist destinations.

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Ensenada Mexico has one natural fresh water body, the Lagunita pond, located to the north of El Cipres military air field, and which has ecological importance.

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Ensenada Mexico has a mild semi-arid climate, much like the rest of northwestern Baja California.

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Ensenada Mexico is the third-largest city in Baja California, following Tijuana and Mexicali.

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Ensenada Mexico is covered by the Third Federal Electoral District of Baja California, which elects 1 member to the federal Chamber of Deputies.

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Ensenada Mexico is located some 108 kilometres south of the border with the United States, connected via a four-lane toll road MX-1D and a two lane free road, which makes it a natural destination for tourists on short vacations by car.

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The Ensenada Mexico Carnaval is one of the country's largest, as thousands of people gather in the streets for six days and nights.

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Ensenada Mexico is developing scientific research and natural science sectors, with special focus in the marine sciences sectors.

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Ensenada Mexico is claimed to be the city with the highest number of scientists per capita in Latin America.

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The Center of Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada Mexico conducts research in Earth Sciences, Applied Physics, Oceanography, Communications and Experimental and Applied Biology.

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City is home to the largest cluster of bio-medical device companies in Ensenada Mexico and is a developing center that is drawing a growing number of biotech researchers.

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Unlike the larger cities to the north, Ensenada Mexico has only six major industrial parks, compared to 26 in Mexicali and 51 in Tijuana, as its economy is more focused on tourism and technology.

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Ensenada Mexico is home to the only deep-water port in the state of Baja California and on the Baja California Peninsula.

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Ensenada Mexico is where the Fender standard series guitars and basses are produced.

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Each year hundreds of anglers head for Ensenada Mexico to go fishing and take advantage of the shorter distances needed to travel by sea to get to the big catch.

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Municipality of Ensenada Mexico has three main agricultural zones: the Guadalupe-Calafia valleys to the north, the Ojos Negros valley to the east and the San Quintin valley to the south.

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One of the earliest activities in the Ensenada Mexico region was gold and silver mining, and some of these mines remain in limited operation.

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Ensenada Mexico maintains no professional sports teams in association football, basketball, or baseball, but is known for its water sports.

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Port of Ensenada Mexico is an international deepwater port and the city's major water port.

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Ensenada Mexico has three sister cities as designated by Sister Cities International, including relations formalized between other cities.

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