13 Facts About Eva Longoria

1. On December 13, 2015, Eva Longoria reported her engagement to Mexican businessman Jose Antonio "Pepe" Baston Patino, then the president of Televisa, the largest media company in Latin America.

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2. In 2012, Eva Longoria was one of seven Californians named to the post of co-chair of Barack Obama's reelection campaign.

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3. In March 2017, Eva Longoria was listed by UK-based company Richtopia at number 42 in the list of 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

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4. In October 2012 Eva Longoria spoke at the McAfee Focus 2012 event, where the "theme of safety—beyond computers—emerged.

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5. In September 2009 Eva Longoria was appointed to a bi-partisan commission called to determine establishing a National Museum of the American Latino.

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6. In 2009, Eva Longoria enrolled in a Master's program in Chicano Studies and political science at Cal State University, Northridge.

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7. In March 2017, Eva Longoria launched her clothing line website on her official site.

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8. In March 2008, Eva Longoria opened the restaurant Beso in Hollywood, along with partner and celebrity chef Todd English.

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9. In 2018, Eva Longoria attended the premiere for her new film, "Dog Days" with co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Nina Dobrev (Elizabeth) on August 5, 2018.

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10. In 2017, Eva Longoria directed the season three finale episode of the ABC comedy Black-ish.

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11. In 2013, Eva Longoria professed that she is a "cat lady" and appeared as a spokesperson for Sheba cat food.

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12. In January 2007, Eva Longoria was chosen to be the first face of Bebe Sport.

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13. In honor of Maxim's 100th issue in 2006, Eva Longoria was featured on a 75-by-110-foot vinyl mesh replica of its January 2005 cover located in a Clark County, Nevada desert.

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