10 Facts About Faith Hill

1. In October 2009, Faith Hill released her first fragrance titled Faith Hill Parfums.

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2. On October 14, 2015, it was announced that Faith Hill would be an executive producer for a new lifestyle television program with former Oprah executive producer Lisa Erspamer.

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3. In 2015, Faith Hill appeared in the more critically acclaimed independent crime drama film Dixieland.

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4. In 2002 it was rumored that Faith Hill had won the role of Julia Compton Moore, the wife of LTC Hal Moore, played by Mel Gibson, in the 2002 movie We Were Soldiers.

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5. In September 2008, Faith Hill issued her first Christmas album, titled Joy to the World.

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6. In 2007, Faith Hill started work on her first domestic greatest hits package, titled The Hits, which was released on October 2.

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7. In 2005, Faith Hill returned with her new country album, Fireflies.

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8. In 2001, Faith Hill recorded a song for the Pearl Harbor soundtrack.

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9. At that time, Faith Hill had recently become engaged to her former producer, Scott Hendricks, and McGraw had recently broken an engagement.

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10. In 2019, Faith Hill will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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