30 Facts About Farnham


Farnham is a market town in Surrey, England, within the Borough of Waverley.

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Farnham is the largest town in Waverley, and one of the five largest conurbations in Surrey.

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Farnham Geological Society is an active organisation in the town, and the Museum of Farnham has a collection of geological samples and fossils.

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Farnham has a temperate maritime climate, free from extreme temperatures, with moderate rainfall and often breezy conditions.

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Farnham's history has been claimed to extend back tens of thousands of years to hunters of the Paleolithic or early Stone Age, on the basis of tools and prehistoric animal bones found together in deep gravel pits.

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William Stukeley propounded that Farnham is the site of the lost Roman settlement of Vindomis, although this is believed to be at Neatham, near Alton.

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Parishes within Farnham hundred were: Frensham Elstead, the liberty of Dockenfield, the liberty of Waverley, Seal the tythings of Badshot, Runfold, Culverlands, Tilford with Culverlands, Farnham, Runwick, Wrecklesham, and Bourne.

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Farnham appears in Domesday Book of 1086 as Ferneham, one of the five great "minster" churches in Surrey.

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Farnham was granted its charter as a town in 1249 by William de Ralegh, then Bishop of Winchester.

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The fast link with London meant city businessmen could think of having a house in the country and still be in close contact with the office; Farnham thereby became an early example of a 'commuter town'.

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That same year, St Joan of Arc Church was built on Waverley Lane, it was dedicated to St Joan of Arc because Farnham Castle was a residence of Cardinal Henry Beaufort who presided over the saint's trial.

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The people of Farnham raised enough money to buy the building so that it could be converted into a community centre for the town.

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Farnham is served by several bus routes, the majority of bus services originate from Aldershot bus station and are run by Stagecoach.

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Farnham is the western starting point of the North Downs Way National Trail, which is predominantly footpath.

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Farnham is a market town with many shops located along the main thoroughfare running through West Street, The Borough and East Street.

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Farnham once had a second hospital which was at the end of Bardsley Drive, on the site which is Lynton Close.

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Farnham Castle was built by the Normans and updated over the years as the Palace of the Bishops of Winchester.

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Farnham has several art galleries: the New Ashgate Gallery in Lower Church Lane has exhibitions by established and new artists in a variety of media, the exhibition changing on the first Saturday of each month.

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Farnham Maltings has diverse concerts including opera, folk and acoustic music gigs, band evenings and stand up comedy nights, as well as shows and workshops for younger people.

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In keeping with the town's historical link with hop-growing and beer, the Farnham Maltings holds the Farnham Beer Exhibition, an annual event that started in 1977.

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Gerald Flood, stage, TV and film actor, lived in Farnham for most of his life; Peter Lupino, a well-known West End actor of the 1930s and 40s, and member of the famous theatrical family, lived for many years in Farnham, in Red Lion Lane and was a well-known local character in his retirement.

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Farnham has a broad mix of state, religious and independent schools.

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Farnham has a public golf course which is next to the cricket ground directly behind Farnham Castle.

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Horse named Farnham took part in the 1850 Grand National but was largely unregarded by the public and finished outside the first four.

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Farnham is represented by councillors at a county, district and town level.

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Farnham Herald is the only newspaper exclusively for Farnham; published by Tindle Newspaper Group.

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Farnham is served by local social media groups including Facebook 'Farnham Rants' which raises money for charity.

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Rev John Macleod Campbell Crum, writer of the hymn Now the Green Blade Riseth, was Rector of Farnham from 1913 to 1928, and his daughter Margaret was born in the town in 1921.

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Farnham played in Farnham Cricket Club's first match, against Odiham, when he was 16 years old.

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Farnham's family moved to Farnham when he was two years old, so his father could be nearer to Brooklands race track.

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