18 Facts About Felixstowe


The Port of Felixstowe is the largest container port in the United Kingdom.

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Old Felixstowe hamlet was centred on a pub and church, having stood on the site since long before the Norman conquest of England.

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The early history of Felixstowe, including its Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Norman and medieval defences, is told under the name of Walton, because the name Felixstowe was given retrospectively, during the 13th century, to a place which had expanded to a form beyond the boundaries of Walton alone.

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Felixstowe is situated at the tip of the Colneis peninsula, and was in the ancient Colneis Hundred.

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Felixstowe remained a fashionable seaside destination until the late 1930s.

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Felixstowe played an important role in both world wars—in the first as Royal Naval Air Service and RAF seaplane base, and in the second as the Coastal Forces MTB, MGB and ML base HMS Beehive.

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Felixstowe was HQ of the Harwich Harbour coast and anti-aircraft defences, and accommodated the RAF's 26th Marine Craft Unit.

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Felixstowe is administered by Suffolk County Council, East Suffolk District Council, and Felixstowe Town Council.

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Felixstowe has a recently refurbished sandy beach south from the pier, and a stoney beach north of the pier.

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Cotman, the architect, designed many of the most famous buildings in Felixstowe including the Railway Station, Harvest House, the Orwell and Bath Hotels, Barclays and Lloyds Banks plus many others.

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Felixstowe designed and lived in the original bungalow that forms the lower two floors of Cotman Lodge care home.

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Felixstowe was the nephew of John Sell Cotman, the famous Norwich water-colour artist.

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From Brackenberry Fort to Felixstowe Ferry there is a walkway and is the start of the 50-mile Suffolk Coast Path.

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Felixstowe Golf Club is a links course to the northeast of the town centre.

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Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club is located beyond the golf course at the Bawdsey Ferry end of the town.

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Felixstowe Radio is the community radio station that has broadcasts on 107.

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Felixstowe has Baptist, Free, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox and United Reformed churches.

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Felixstowe Museum installed an offshore radio display in their tearoom in 2015.

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