12 Facts About Barclays

1. On 31 January 2016, Barclays settled with both the New York Attorney General's office and the SEC, agreeing to pay $70 million split evenly between the SEC and New York state, admitting it violated securities laws and agreeing to install an independent monitor for the dark pool.

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2. In March 2016, it was announced that Barclays has plans to sell its Africa business amid falling profits.

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3. At its peak, Barclays had 5,100 employees and 600 offices in Spain.

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4. In May 2014, Barclays announced it would cut 19,000 jobs over 3 years with 12,000 jobs cut in 2014.

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5. In March 2011 it was reported that Barclays had overtaken Santander UK to claim top spot as the UK's most complained against bank, with the country's official banking regulator, the Financial Services Authority having recorded 276,315 new customer complaints against Barclays Bank during the second half of 2010.

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6. On 12 June 2009, Barclays sold its Global Investors unit, which included its exchange traded fund business, iShares, to BlackRock for US$13.5 billion.

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7. In July 2012, Barclays revealed that the FSA was investigating whether the bank adequately disclosed fees paid to Qatar Investment Authority.

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8. On 16 September 2008, Barclays announced its agreement to purchase, subject to regulatory approval, the investment-banking and trading divisions of Lehman Brothers which was a United States financial conglomerate that had filed for bankruptcy.

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9. In May 2005, Barclays moved its group headquarters from Lombard Street in the City of London to One Churchill Place in Canary Wharf.

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10. On 27 June 1967, Barclays deployed the world's first cash machine, in Enfield.

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11. In May 1958, Barclays was the first UK bank to appoint a female bank manager.

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12. The name "Barclays" became associated with the business in 1736, when Freame's son-in-law James Barclay became a partner.

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