14 Facts About Ferrum College


Today, Ferrum enrolls around 800 undergraduate and graduate students and offers over 54 undergraduate majors and four graduate programs.

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Ferrum College has 11 men's teams and 14 women's teams, and its mascot is the Panther.

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Ferrum College is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register.

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In 1911, the village of Ferrum College was selected for the presence of the train depot on the Norfolk and Western Railway between Roanoke and Winston-Salem.

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The Board of Trustees purchased an additional 96 acres in 1916 and Ferrum College graduated their first diploma-earning student in 1917, Berta Thompson, who went on to become a public school teacher.

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In 1967, Ferrum College welcomed its first four African-American students: Alice Baker and Fred Dunnings of Rocky Mount, Jerry Venable from Staunton, and Allen White from Philadelphia.

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Ferrum College's funeral was held in the newly opened Vaughn Chapel, classes suspended but with all students on campus to pay their respects to the man that had utterly transformed the campus from a mountain primary school to a prestigious junior college.

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In 2020, this historic trend continued when Ferrum College received similar accreditation to confer graduate degrees.

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Today, Ferrum College offers bachelor's degrees in over fifty major degree programs and several graduate programs.

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Ferrum College is affiliated with the Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church and the United Methodist Women of the Virginia Annual Conference.

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College's environmental science program is the second oldest in the country, and Ferrum is the only private college in Virginia to offer a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Science.

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Spiritual Life at Ferrum College offers students a chance to grow their spirituality.

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Under head coach W H "Hank" Norton, Ferrum won the National Junior College Athletic Association national football championship four times.

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In March 2019, Ferrum College hosted the NCAA Division III men's wrestling championships, held at the Berglund Center in Roanoke, Virginia.

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