14 Facts About Ford Fiesta


Ford Fiesta is a supermini marketed by Ford since 1976 over seven generations.

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The US Mark I Ford Fiesta was built in Cologne, but to slightly different specifications; US models were Base, Decor, Sport, and Ghia, with the Ghia having the highest level of trim.

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Second-generation Ford Fiesta featured a different dashboard on the lower-series trim levels compared to the more expensive variants.

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Ford Fiesta appreciated the high quality of this conversion, and was keen to look after its customers; the installation was undertaken by approved fitting centres and all the warranties remained valid after.

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Facelifted Ford Fiesta, facing competition from the Austin Metro, Fiat Uno, Nissan Micra, Peugeot 205, Toyota Starlet, Vauxhall Nova, and Volkswagen Polo, was one of the UK's top superminis.

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However, the Ford Fiesta ST continues to be sold in Australia due to popularity.

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All-new Ford Fiesta ST includes three selectable driving modes, a first for the model.

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Ford Fiesta ST won Top Gears Hot Hatch and Car of the Year for 2018.

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October 2020, Ford unveiled a new, special edition version of the Fiesta ST called the "Edition", limited to 300 for UK and 500 for Europe.

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The Mark VI Ford Fiesta van was first introduced in the European market in mid-2009, a year after the original launch.

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Ford RallyeConcept's marriage of the motorsport engineer's objective for performance functionality with the eye for detail of the designer has been so effective that Ford has committed to an engineering development programme to bring a Fiesta-based rally car to reality.

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Ford Fiesta Sporting Trophy is based around the Ford Fiesta ST Group N car.

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Ford Fiesta Rallycross Supercars version is a racecar with a 2.

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Ford Fiesta drivers won the Super 1600 class of the European Touring Car Cup seven times from 2008 to 2016.

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