12 Facts About Fowey


Fowey is a port town and civil parish at the mouth of the River Fowey in south Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.

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People of Fowey generally sided with the Royalists during the English Civil War, but in 1644 the Earl of Essex brought a Parliamentarian army to Lostwithiel and occupied the peninsula around Fowey.

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Fowey had to wait another forty years before it saw equivalent development, but its natural deep-water anchorage and a rail link soon gave it an advantage over the shallow artificial harbours nearer to the mines and china clay works.

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On 1 June in that year, the broad gauge Lostwithiel and Fowey Railway was opened to new jetties situated above Carne Point, and in 1873, the.

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Fowey was the main port for loading ammunition for the US 29th Division that landed on Omaha Beach on D Day during the Second World War.

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Fowey elected two members to the unreformed House of Commons until the Reform Act 1832 stripped it of its representation as a rotten borough, it having lost its borough corporation a few years before.

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Fowey is a small town, civil parish and cargo port at the mouth of the River Fowey in south Cornwall, England.

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Fowey is in the South Coast of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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Fowey has thrived as a port for hundreds of years, initially as a trading and naval town, then as the centre for china clay exports.

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Fowey has been the inspiration for many authors, including Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, Daphne du Maurier, Leo Walmsley and Kenneth Grahame.

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Michael Corrigan's novel, Brewer's Odyssey, 2019, has a few scenes set in Fowey, including the ghostly presence of Daphne du Maurier.

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Various visual artists have had close connection with Fowey and lived there, including Fred Yates, Andrew Litten Amanda Hoskin who primarily paints the local coastline.

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