17 Facts About Fred Meyer


Fred Meyer is an American chain of hypermarket superstores founded in 1922 in Portland, Oregon, USA, by Fred G Meyer.

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Fred Meyer merged with Kroger in 1998, though the stores are still branded Fred Meyer.

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In 1951, the Fred Meyer Company built a large warehouse near Providence Portland Medical Center in Laurelhurst, despite complaints and controversy from neighbors and the city council.

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The Fred Meyer Company moved to Swan Island on land formerly occupied by wartime housing for Kaiser Shipyards.

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Fred Meyer acquired a Spokane-based grocery wholesaler, The Roundup Company.

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In 1973, Fred Meyer acquired all five Oregon stores of the Valu-Mart discount chain from its parent company, Seattle-based Weisfield's, Inc The following year, Weisfield's leased its remaining stores, in 1975.

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Until his death, Mr Fred Meyer had continued to play an active role in the day-to-day operation of his company.

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In 1997, Fred Meyer acquired Smith's Food and Drug of Salt Lake City, though both companies maintained separate operations.

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In that fast string of mergers, Fred Meyer quickly became the nation's fifth largest food and drug store operator.

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Kroger and Fred Meyer stores are slowly becoming more similar in management and merchandising.

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On March 16,2018, Fred Meyer notified that it had decided to stop selling guns and ammunition to people under the age of 21.

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Fred Meyer employs Kroger's manufacturing by adding its own private label brands alongside national brand products.

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In 2018, Fred Meyer stores used Geoffrey's Toy Box name for toy departments in the Christmas season.

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On May 4,2004, Fred Meyer introduced Fred Meyer Rewards, a program that rewards customers for shopping in their stores.

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In July 2010, Fred Meyer announced that effective August 1, it would no longer offer plastic bags at any of its 10 Portland stores, due to their negative environmental impacts.

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Until the City of Portland banned the use of plastic bags in grocery and certain big box stores in October 2011, Fred Meyer was the largest retail chain in the Portland metropolitan area to adopt such a policy.

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In March 2018, Fred Meyer announced it would cease the sale of all firearms and ammunition to people under the age of 21, as a response to the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

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