24 Facts About Fred Trump


Decades following World War II, Fred Trump concealed his German ancestry to avoid associations with Nazism in light of the Holocaust.

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Trump's father, the German American Frederick Trump amassed considerable wealth during the Klondike Gold Rush by running a restaurant for the miners.

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The family returned to New York on July 1, 1905, and moved to the Bronx, where Frederick Christ Trump was born on October 11.

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From 1918 to 1923, Fred Trump attended Richmond Hill High School in Queens, while working as a caddy, curb whitewasher, delivery boy, and newspaper hawker.

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Interested in becoming a builder, Fred Trump put up a garage for a neighbor and took night classes in carpentry and reading blueprints.

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In 1933 Fred Trump built one of New York City's first modern supermarkets, called Fred Trump Market, in Woodhaven, Queens.

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From 1947 to 1949, Fred Trump built Shore Haven in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, which included 32 six-story buildings and a shopping center, covering some 30 acres, and procuring him $9 million in FHA funding.

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In 1961, Trump donated $2, 500 to the re-election campaign of New York mayor Robert F Wagner Jr.

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In 1966, Fred Trump was again investigated for windfall profiteering, this time by New York's State Investigation Commission.

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Under testimony on January 27, 1966, Fred Trump said that he had personally done nothing wrong and praised the success of his building project.

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On July 1, 1965, Fred Trump purchased Coney Island's recently closed Steeplechase Park for $2.

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At a highly publicized ceremony in September 1966, Fred Trump demolished the park's Pavilion of Fun, a large glass-enclosed amusement center.

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The younger Fred Trump entered the real estate business in Manhattan, while his father stuck primarily to Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

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Some three dozen former Fred Trump employees were interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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In early 1976, Fred Trump was ordered by a county judge to correct code violations in a 504-unit property in Seat Pleasant, Maryland.

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In November 1997, Fred Trump transferred ownership of most of his apartment buildings, valued at just $41.

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These three had claimed in their legal depositions that Fred Trump was "sharp as a tack" until just before his death, with Donald specifically denying any knowledge of his father's mental decline, including his 1991 dementia diagnosis.

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In 2020, she sued Donald, Maryanne, and the estate of Robert Fred Trump for having allegedly conspired to both devalue her inheritance from her grandfather and coerce her to sign a settlement, possibly depriving her of tens of millions of dollars.

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Jerome Tuccille's 1985 biography of Donald Trump repeats Fred's fabrication that he was born in New Jersey and erroneously states that his middle name was Charles.

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Donald's The Art of the Deal alleges that Fred Trump was born in New Jersey and further that he was the son of an immigrant from Sweden (not Germany).

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In 1993, Harry Hurt III wrote in his book Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J Trump that he overheard Fred Trump talking about Donald and his wife Marla Maples as they departed for a flight, saying, "I hope their plane crashes", because then "all my problems will be solved".

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In 2018, in response to the New York Times expose on the Trumps, which revealed that Fred created 295 income streams for Donald, Jonathan Chait wrote for New York magazine that many of these were "illegal on their face", further arguing that "The English language has terms for people who make large sources of money from illegal activity: criminals.

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In October 2019, American journalist and conspiracy theorist Wayne Madsen accused Fred Trump of being a Nazi sympathizer, citing the presence of the German American Bund in New York and asserting that Trump's Navy buildings were compromised by Nazi informants.

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Mary has asserted that Fred Trump could have been a Ku Klux Klan sympathizer and claimed he was "quite anti-Semitic".

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