10 Facts About Funkadelic


Funkadelic was an American funk rock band formed in Plainfield, New Jersey in 1968 and active until 1982.

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Group that would become Funkadelic was formed by George Clinton in 1964, as the unnamed backing section for his doo wop group The Parliaments while on tour.

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The name "Funkadelic" was coined by Nelson after the band relocated to Detroit.

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The first three Funkadelic albums displayed strong psychedelic influences and limited commercial potential, despite containing many songs that stayed in the band's set list for several years and would influence many future funk, rock, and hip hop artists.

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From this point, many more musicians and singers would be added during Funkadelic's history, including the recruitment of several members of James Brown's backing band, The JB's in 1972 – most notably Bootsy Collins and the Horny Horns.

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Parliament and Funkadelic featured mostly the same stable of personnel but operated concurrently under two names.

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At first, Parliament was designated as a more mainstream funk ensemble dominated by soulful vocals and horn arrangements, while Funkadelic was designated as a more experimental and freestyle guitar-based funk band.

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Later in 1975 Michael Hampton, a teen guitar prodigy, replaced Hazel as the premier lead guitarist in Parliament-Funkadelic, and was a major contributor to the next several Funkadelic albums.

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Funkadelic left Westbound in 1976 and moved to Warner Brothers.

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Funkadelic had a major influence on a large number of hip-hop artists, and the genre of hip-hop as a whole.

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