7 Facts About Garry Shandling

1. On March 24, 2016, Garry Shandling died in his home in Los Angeles, California, at age 66.

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2. In January 2016, Garry Shandling was the featured guest on two different online shows.

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3. In October 2012, Garry Shandling returned with fellow cast members from The Larry Sanders Show for Entertainment Weekly's Reunions issue.

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4. In 1992, Garry Shandling launched another critical and commercial success by creating the mock behind-the-scenes talk show sitcom The Larry Sanders Show.

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5. In 1978, Garry Shandling performed his first stand-up routine at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

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6. In 1977, Garry Shandling was involved in an auto accident in Beverly Hills that left him in critical condition for two days and hospitalized for two weeks with a crushed spleen.

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7. In the late 1970s, Garry Shandling was in an improv group with Paul Willson.

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