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Basis for the formation of the General Government was the "Annexation Decree on the Administration of the Occupied Polish Territories".

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General Government was run by Germany as a separate administrative unit for logistical purposes.

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Until 1945, the General Government comprised much of central, southern, and southeastern Poland within its prewar borders, including the major Polish cities of Warsaw, Krakow, Lwow, Lublin, Tarnopol, Stanislawow, Drohobycz, and Sambor and others.

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Administration of the General Government was composed entirely of German officials, with the intent that the area was to be colonized by Germanic settlers who would reduce the local Polish population to the level of serfs before their eventual biological extermination.

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General Government was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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The General Government Gouvernment is a Polish reservation, a great Polish labor camp.

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General Government suggested separating the "more restful" population of the formerly Austrian territories from the rest of the Poles, and cordoning off the city of Warsaw as the center of "criminality" and underground resistance activity.

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General Government suggested the establishment of the three provinces Beskiden, Weichselland, and Galizien by dividing the Radom and Lublin districts between them.

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General Government was administered by a General-Governor aided by the Office of the General-Governor.

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Government seat of the General Government was located in Krakow rather than in Warsaw for security reasons.

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Ukrainian organizations within the General Government were able to negotiate the release of 85,000 Ukrainian prisoners of war from the German-Polish conflict.

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Some 3,000 men served with the Sonderdienst in the General Government, formally assigned to the head of the civil administration.

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General Government endorsed a remedy in solving the "Jewish question" as fast as possible.

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The General Government was the location of four of the seven extermination camps of World War II in which the most extreme measures of the Holocaust were carried out, including closely located Majdanek concentration camp, Sobibor extermination camp and Belzec extermination camp.

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