16 Facts About Gepids


Gepids were defeated by the Lombards and Avars a century later in 567, Constantinople giving no support to the Gepids.

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Some Gepids joined the Lombards in their subsequent conquest of Italy, some moved into Roman territory, and other Gepids still lived in the area of the old kingdom after it was conquered by the Avars.

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In contrast, Isidore of Seville in his etymologies, interpreted the second part of the Gepid name as "feet" and explained that the Gepids were known for going into battle on foot, rather than mounted.

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All information of the Gepids' origins came from "malicious and convoluted Gothic legends", recorded in Jordanes' Getica after 550.

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Fastida demanded land from Ostrogotha, King of the Visigoths, because the Gepids' territory was "hemmed in by rugged mountains and dense forests".

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Ostrogotha refused Fastida's demand and the Gepids joined battle with the Goths "at the town of Galtis, near which the river Auha flows".

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Gepids were the "most shadowy of all the major Germanic peoples of the migration period", according to historian Malcolm Todd.

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Istvan Bona writes that the spread of these cemeteries shows that the Gepids subjugated the Germanic Victohali, who had previously inhabited the same region, before expanding towards the Mures River in the middle of the.

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Jordanes' report suggests that the Gepids were forced to accept the overlordship of the Ostrogoths, within the emerging Hunnic Empire.

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Gepids joined a coalition formed by the Suebi, Sciri, Sarmatians and other peoples formed against the Ostrogoths who had settled in Pannonia.

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In 489, Thraustila, King of the Gepids, tried to hinder the Ostrogoths from crossing the river Vuka during Theoderic the Great's campaign against Italy, but the Ostrogoths routed Thraustila's army.

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The Gepids lost Sirmium to the Ostrogoths, according to Walter Pohl.

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For some time the Gepids relinquished from the city and built good relationship with the Ostrogoths under King Elemund.

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Gepids reached the zenith of their power after 537, settling in the rich area around Singidunum.

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Gepids were finally overrun by the Avars in the 567 Lombard-Gepid war.

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Many Gepids followed Alboin to Italy in 568 according to Paulus Diaconus, but many remained in the area of their old kingdom.

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