11 Facts About Gordini


Gordini is a division of Renault Sport Technologies.

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Gordini became a division of Renault in 1968 and of Renault Sport in 1976.

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Amedee Gordini tuned cars and competed in motor races since the 1930s.

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Gordini's results prompted Simca to hire him for its motorsport program and to develop road cars.

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In 1946, Gordini introduced the first cars bearing his name, Fiat-engined single-seaters raced by him and Jose Scaron, achieving several victories.

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Gordini competed in Formula One from 1950 to 1956, although it achieved a major success in Formula Two during that period.

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In 1957, Gordini and Renault manufactured the Dauphine Gordini, a modified version of the Renault Dauphine which was a sales success.

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Gordini-tuned Renault cars won various rallies during the 1950s and 1960s.

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In 1963, the Gordini company planned to move its headquarters to Noisy-le-Roi.

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Renault-Gordini was moved to Viry-Chatillon in 1969 and became a sport division of Renault, before being merged with Alpine to form Renault Sport in 1976.

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Since its early Renault models the most characteristic colour scheme of Gordini cars has been bleu de France with white stripes, although different combinations have been used over the years.

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