28 Facts About Grimsby Town

1. Grimsby Town had an early shout for a penalty turned down when Siriki Dembele's cross seemingly struck a Lincoln hand.

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2. Grimsby Town is the site of a Blue Cross Animal Hospital, one of only four in the country; the other three are situated in London.

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3. Grimsby Town were relegated on 7 May 2010 to the Football Conference, losing their status as a League club.

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4. Grimsby Town lies 15 miles from the nearest motorway, the M180 which continues as the A180 into the town and acts as a link to the national motorway network.

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5. Grimsby Town has two markets, one next to Freshney Place and the other in Freeman Street.

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6. Grimsby Town is listed in the Domesday Book as having a population of around 200, a priest, a mill and a ferry.

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7. Grimsby Town was settled by Danes sometime in the 9th century AD.

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8. Grimsby Town lies in the national character areas of the Humber, and the Lincolnshire coast and Marshes; it is predominantly low in topography.

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9. Grimsby Town are next in action on Saturday, when we welcome Cheltenham Town to Blundell Park.

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10. Grimsby Town were on their way to three points but were unable to keep a clean sheet as Yeovil pulled a goal back in the last minute of the 90, with FISHER heading past McKeown from a Pattison free kick.

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11. Grimsby Town made the perfect start when Luke Hendrie's cross was met by Thomas to head home inside nine minutes.

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12. Grimsby Town fans have an extra spring in their step this morning after the club earned a third straight League Two win.

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13. Grimsby Town is the football club that Sacha Baron Cohen's character Nobby supports in the 2016 action comedy film Grimsby.

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14. Grimsby Town appeared as a guest on Sky show Soccer AM in 2007 sporting a Grimsby Town shirt.

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15. Since the late 1990s Grimsby Town have had a Scandinavian supporters group based in Norway and Sweden.

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16. Grimsby Town plays football with the mascots and warms up the Grimsby Town fans.

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17. Grimsby Town wears the club's home strip and normally parades in front of the Pontoon Stand as well as tormenting the opposition's fans.

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18. Grimsby Town reached the 2015 Conference Premier play-off Final against Bristol Rovers in front of a Conference record 47,029 crowd at Wembley Stadium.

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19. Grimsby Town went ahead in the second half with 20 minutes left to go, through an Andy Cook strike.

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20. Grimsby Town left the club in 9th position in the Conference National.

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21. Grimsby Town continued to show no signs of improvement under Woods and Casper and Town would find themselves being dragged into a second successive relegation battle.

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22. In October 2008, Grimsby Town appointed Mike Newell as manager, a year and a half after his dismissal by Luton Town.

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23. Grimsby Town played the season using the brand "Grimsby Town Sports" before a lucrative three-year deal with Nike was signed in April 2004.

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24. Grimsby Town were to remain in football's second flight for six years.

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25. Grimsby Town broke their transfer record in 1972 with a fee of £20,000 for the signing of Phil Hubbard.

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26. In 1968 Grimsby Town slipped into the Fourth Division for the first time.

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27. Grimsby Town was formed in 1878 after a meeting held at the Wellington Arms public house in Freeman Street, Grimsby.

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28. Grimsby Town are the most successful of the three professional league clubs in historic Lincolnshire, being the only one to play top flight English football.

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