14 Facts About Guizhou


Guizhou was formally made a province in 1413 during the Ming dynasty.

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Notwithstanding, Guizhou is considered a relatively undeveloped province, with the fourth-lowest GDP per capita in China as of 2020.

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Guizhou is a mountainous province, with its higher altitudes in the west and centre.

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Many immigrants to Guizhou were descended from these soldiers in garrisons who married these pre-Chinese women.

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Concurrently, Han Chinese soldiers moved into the Taijiang region of Guizhou, married Miao women, and their children were brought up as Miao.

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Guizhou is a mountainous province, although its higher altitudes are in the west and centre.

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One of China's poorest provinces, Guizhou is experiencing serious environmental problems, such as desertification and persistent water shortages.

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In broad terms, the Yunnan–Guizhou Plateau is one of the vertebrate diversity hotspots of China.

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Animals only known from Guizhou include Leishan moustache toad, Kuankuoshui salamander, Shuicheng salamander, Guizhou salamander, and Zhijin warty newt.

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Guizhou is divided into nine prefecture-level divisions: six prefecture-level cities and three autonomous prefectures:.

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Guizhou is the third largest producer of tobacco in China, and home to the well-known brand Guizhou Tobacco.

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Guizhou is the province with the highest fertility rate in China, standing at 2.

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Predominant religions in Guizhou are Chinese folk religions, Taoist traditions and Chinese Buddhism.

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Guizhou is the home of the well-known Chinese liquor Moutai, as well as Lao Gan Ma.

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