11 Facts About Halifax Nova Scotia

1. Halifax Nova Scotia is located within Mi?kma?ki the traditional ancestral lands of the Mi?kmaq peoples.

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2. The establishment of the Town of Halifax Nova Scotia, named after the 2nd Earl of Halifax Nova Scotia, in 1749 led to the colonial capital being transferred from Annapolis Royal.

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3. Spring Garden, adjacent to downtown Halifax Nova Scotia, is a lively mixed-use neighbourhood with a variety of shopping and entertainment options as well as the new Halifax Nova Scotia Central Library.

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4. Peninsular Halifax Nova Scotia is mixed-use, contributing to an elevated quality of urban convenience and vibrancy as compared to suburban districts with highly segregated land use and car-oriented transportation networks.

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5. The original grid plan devised when Halifax Nova Scotia was founded in 1749 included a central military parade square, the Grand Parade.

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6. Mainland Halifax Nova Scotia is home to several significant parks, including Sir Sandford Fleming Park, gifted to the people of Halifax Nova Scotia by Sir Sandford Fleming.

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7. Urban Halifax Nova Scotia is the population centre (urban area) that surrounds Halifax Nova Scotia Harbour.

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8. Waterfront in Downtown Halifax Nova Scotia is the site of the Halifax Nova Scotia Harbourwalk, a 3-kilometre boardwalk popular among tourists and locals alike.

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9. In 2015, the Port of Halifax Nova Scotia welcomed 141 vessel calls with 222,309 passengers.

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10. Urban area of Halifax Nova Scotia is a major economic centre in eastern Canada with a large concentration of government services and private sector companies.

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11. Halifax Nova Scotia'set Harbour is the other major port in the municipality and serves industrial users on the Eastern Shore.

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