29 Facts About Hannah Ashworth

1. Hannah Ashworth is best known for her roles as Hannah Ashworth on the popular teen drama",Hollyyoaks.

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2. Hannah Ashworth goes to see her husband,Darren, and leaves him a present, telling him not to open it until after she has left.

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3. Hannah Ashworth chose to work with him at the SU Bar and called him to save her from an over friendly mechanic.

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4. Hannah Ashworth started dating Ash Roy whom lured her with presents including a car.

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5. Hannah Ashworth was finally well enough to start to further her education at the HCC.

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6. Hannah Ashworth began to hide the seriousness of her illness from her family.

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7. Hannah Ashworth told Melissa she was the best thing to ever happen to her.

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8. Hannah Ashworth started applying make-up to Melissa's face, as Melissa was so weak she could not open her lip gloss.

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9. Hannah Ashworth was shocked to find she was in intensive care.

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10. Hannah Ashworth was then reassured by Melissa that Hannah Ashworth would one day be able to get into it.

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11. Hannah Ashworth was seen binging on chocolate and sweets and then making herself sick.

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12. In February 2010, Hannah Ashworth makes a life changing decision that she leaves Hollyoaks to be independent.

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13. Hannah Ashworth slowly recovers in hospital and bonds with Zoe Carpenter.

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14. Hannah Ashworth gives Anita her diary of when she was anorexic.

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15. Hannah Ashworth eventually discovered the drugs in Jamie's bag and left him.

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16. Hannah Ashworth found out Imogen was a prostitute, who Kev was using to get money.

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17. Hannah Ashworth becomes attracted to Justin Burton and Justin himself developed feelings for her.

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18. Hannah Ashworth starts dating Ash Roy, who gives her lots of gifts.

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19. Hannah Ashworth takes a trip to the MTV Europe Music Awards where she meets Matt and briefly dates him.

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20. Hannah Ashworth was furious when she finds out, but Elliot tells her he did it because he likes her.

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21. Hannah Ashworth begins attending Hollyoaks Community College and getting her life back on track.

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22. Hannah Ashworth locks herself in her room, but is talked out by Rhys.

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23. Hannah Ashworth tells everyone she wants to get better, but her anorexia continues.

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24. All of Hannah Ashworth's friends become suspicious of her weight loss and change in behaviour.

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25. Hannah Ashworth is devastated when John Paul breaks up with her and is even more upset when she learns he has feelings for Sarah.

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26. Hannah Ashworth arrived in Hollyoaks with her parents, Neville and Suzanne, and brothers Rhys and Josh.

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27. Hannah Ashworth took her to dinner with his sister Leila Roy and her boyfriend Justin Burton.

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28. Hannah Ashworth is known to be slightly ditzy and sometimes spoiled.

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29. Hannah Ashworth is a fictional character from the British Channel 4 soap opera, Hollyoaks, played by Emma Rigby.

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