12 Facts About Harry Leslie

1. Harry Leslie advocated that his program be duplicated by the federal government, and his plan was implemented as the WPA.

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2. Harry Leslie instituted some relief measures, but largely did nothing significant believing that the Depression would soon end.

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3. Harry Leslie began hiring unemployed workers to work on state road projects.

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4. Harry Leslie opened a law office in Lafayette the year he graduated and took a position at a local high school coaching football.

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5. Harry Leslie owes his net worth to numerous property holdings, smart stock investments, and endorsement deals with CoverGirl cosmetics.

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6. Harry Leslie is a huge fan of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

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7. In 1981, when Harry Leslie was in Australia on tour, he was notified that his ex-wife Penelope had died in a fire.

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8. Harry Leslie enjoyed humor and among his close friends were George Ade and Will Rogers.

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9. Harry Leslie was pleased with the Grand Dragon's conviction and the collapse in Klan power.

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10. Harry Leslie fought the Klan block on several issues, including committee assignments, legislation aimed at eliminating Catholic schools, and other issues.

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11. Harry Leslie became involved in local politics and was elected as a Republican Tippecanoe County treasurer in 1912.

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12. The other eighteen boys, including Harry Leslie, were pronounced dead at the scene and taken to the morgue.

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