15 Facts About Hawaii Leis


The Hawaii Leis played nine of their 22 home matches at the Honolulu International Center and the other 13 at the Student Council Gymnasium on the campus of President William McKinley High School during the league's inaugural in 1974 season.

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The Hawaii Leis acquired Dennis Ralston and Ann Kiyomura in trades with the San Francisco Golden Gaters and Valerie Ziegenfuss and Ross Case in a trade with the Los Angeles Strings.

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On May 7,1974, the Hawaii Leis played their inaugural match at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in the hamlet of Uniondale in the town of Hempstead, New York against the New York Sets in front of 4,999 fans.

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The Hawaii Leis lost the match in front of a home crowd of just 545 fans.

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Hawaii Leis finished the 1974 season with 14 wins and 30 losses, last place in the Pacific Section.

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The Hawaii Leis brought back Brigitte Cuypers from the prior year's squad.

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The Hawaii Leis selected Helen Gourlay in the dispersal draft when the E-Z Riders suspended operations.

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The Leis added four local Hawaiian players: Heather Dahlgren, Stanley Pasarell, Peter Burwash and Jim Osborne.

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Hawaii Leis played a 46-match WTT regular season schedule in 1975.

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The Hawaii Leis struggled to a record of 14 wins and 32 losses, barely avoiding last place in the Western Division and the worst record in WTT by winning a standings tiebreaker over the Friars who had the same record.

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The Hawaii Leis signed Nastase to a one-year contract worth in excess of $100,000.

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Hawaii Leis finished the 1976 season with 12 wins and 32 losses, last place in the Western Division and the worst record in WTT.

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Hawaii Leis did return after the break to win the WTT Female All-Star Match Most Valuable Player Award.

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Hawaii Leis needed to be restrained by the umpire, Brian Howell, and his linesman.

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The Hawaii Leis played three 1976 home matches in Seattle and three in Portland.

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