10 Facts About Hendrik Kramers


Hans Hendrik Kramers was born on 17 December 1894 in Rotterdam.

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Hendrik Kramers wanted to obtain foreign experience during his doctoral research, but his first choice of supervisor, Max Born in Gottingen, was not reachable because of the first world war.

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Hendrik Kramers worked for almost ten years in Bohr's group, becoming an associate professor at the University of Copenhagen.

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Hendrik Kramers left Denmark in 1926 and returned to the Netherlands.

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Hendrik Kramers became a full professor in theoretical physics at Utrecht University, where he supervised Tjalling Koopmans.

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Hendrik Kramers was one of the founders of the Mathematisch Centrum in Amsterdam.

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Hendrik Kramers is credited with introducing in 1948 the concept of renormalization into quantum field theory, although his approach was nonrelativistic.

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Hendrik Kramers is credited for the Kramers–Kronig relations with Ralph Kronig which are mathematical equations relating real and imaginary parts of complex functions constrained by causality.

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Hendrik Kramers became member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1929, he was forced to resign in 1942.

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Hendrik Kramers won the Lorentz Medal in 1947 and Hughes Medal in 1951.

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