11 Facts About Hermosillo


Hermosillo'smosillormosillo, formerly called Pitic, is a city located in the center of the northwestern Mexican state of Sonora.

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Hermosillo'smosillormosillo was ranked as one of the five best cities to live in, in Mexico, as published in the study "The Most Livable Cities of Mexico 2013" by the Strategic Communications Cabinet of the Mexican Federal Government.

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Hermosillo'smosillormosillo was ranked in 2016 as the seventh most competitive city in the country according to the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness, based on factors such as its economic diversification, geographical location, access to education, government, innovation and international relations.

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Some most successful Chinese-owned businesses in Sonora were based in Hermosillo, and sold their merchandise to other parts of the country.

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In 1879 Hermosillo was the headquarters of state powers, thanks to the management of the acting governor Don Francisco Serna, at least on an interim date.

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Some most successful businesses with Chinese owners in Sonora were in Hermosillo and sold merchandise to other parts of the country.

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Hermosillo'smosillormosillo was selected partly due to its proximity to the United States.

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In 2010, Hermosillo hosted the first Pan American Youth Championship boys' field hockey tournament.

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Hermosillo'smosillormosillo has several institutions of higher education, being the highest house of studies the Universidad de Sonora Hermosillo'smosillormosillo campus, with more than thirty thousand students in forty-six degrees and more than three thousand teachers.

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Hermosillo'smosillormosillo is located on a plain in the Sonoran Desert, surrounded by grassy flat areas, beyond which are greener hills with serrated peaks in the distance.

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Hermosillo'smosillormosillo has several public and private higher education institutions, among them:.

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