22 Facts About Hiro-Kala


Hiro-Kala is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Hiro-Kala is the son of the Hulk and Caiera and the twin brother of Skaar.

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Skaar survives the lava effortlessly, having been born with Hulk's physiology, Hiro-Kala only managed to survive by inadvertently using his Old Power to protect himself.

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Hiro-Kala was pushed, mocked, and laughed at, until an old man told him about the story of the Hulk, and revealed his goal: to get the Old Power.

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Hiro-Kala snuck out of the Fillian borders, and was stranded in a desert, where he was captured; he remained silent until a monster helped him and killed the two men.

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Hiro-Kala was calmed by a woman who was kind enough to give him food, but Hiro refused it and continued his journey.

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Hiro-Kala came across Hiro-Amin chained and hopeless across an arc.

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Hiro-Kala freed him from the rock and Hiro-Amin admitted that he knew what the boy was looking for, and asked him to reach into his pocket.

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Hiro-Kala found a petrified eye of a man who sought the Old Power, and went crazy.

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Hiro-Kala led Old Sam and Yenrag and the rest of the slaves to the battle grounds of the Fillian borders.

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Hiro-Kala helped Surfer rescue the shadow slaves, while Yenrag was fighting the guards of Axeman.

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Hiro-Kala chose instead to face Galactus, thinking he could fend him off - against the better judgment of both Caiera and the Silver Surfer.

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Now Hiro-Kala led the remaining Sakaar people to find a new planet.

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Hiro-Kala claimed to be the son of Hulk the Green Scar, and Caiera the Shadow Queen.

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Hiro-Kala sacrificed the world of Giausar to save the universe that Skaar had sent Galactus to devour.

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The Worldmind, reaching into Hiro-Kala's mind, attempted to dissuade him from his path by showing him its memories of the Hulk.

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The attempt failed, and Hiro-Kala took control of the Worldmind's power, using it to turn the inhabitants of K'ai into mindless slaves.

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Hiro-Kala then set his sights on Earth, planning to destroy it.

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Hiro-Kala taunted his father by killing the remainder of the brainwashed children he sent to attack him, and revealed that he would make K'ai collide with Earth, destroying it and its Old Power.

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Hiro-Kala quickly matured to his teen years and mastered the Old Power.

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Hiro-Kala had forsaken the Old Power, as a new energy grew within him.

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Hiro-Kala understood his father's transformations are a power within his mind, and seemed to be harnessing the hate and rage within his own mind.

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