19 Facts About Hitler Youth


Hitler Youth was the youth organisation of the Nazi Party in Germany.

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Under Section 86 of the Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Hitler Youth is an "unconstitutional organisation" and the distribution or public use of its symbols, except for educational or research purposes, is illegal.

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Once Hitler came onto the revolutionary scene, the transition from seemingly innocuous youth movements to political entities focused on Hitler was swift.

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The Hitler Youth appropriated many of the activities of the Boy Scout movement, including camping and hiking.

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Hitler Youth were used to break up church youth groups, spy on religious classes and Bible studies, and interfere with church attendance.

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Education and training programs for the Hitler Youth were designed to undermine the values of traditional structures of German society.

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The Hitler Youth were indoctrinated with the myths of Aryan racial superiority and to view Jews and Slavs as subhumans.

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Hitler Youth was organised into corps under adult leaders, and the general membership of the HJ consisted of boys aged 14 to 18.

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The Hitler Youth was organised into local cells on a community level.

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Hitler Youth maintained training academies comparable to preparatory schools, which were designed to nurture future Nazi Party leaders.

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The Hitler Youth maintained several corps designed to develop future officers for the Wehrmacht .

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In December 1936, a law declared the Hitler Youth to be the only legally permitted youth organisation in Germany, and stated that "all of the German youth in the Reich is organised within the Hitler Youth".

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The Hitler Youth became active in German fire brigades and assisted with recovery efforts to German cities affected by Allied bombing.

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The Hitler Youth assisted in such organisations as the Reich postal service, the Reich railway services, and other government offices; members of the HJ aided the army and served with anti-aircraft defence crews.

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The idea for a Waffen-SS division made up of Hitler Youth members was first proposed by Axmann to Heinrich Himmler in early 1943.

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The plan for a combat division made up of Hitler Youth members born in 1926 was passed on to Hitler for his approval.

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Hitler Youth was disbanded by Allied authorities as part of the denazification process.

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Some Hitler Youth members were suspected of war crimes but, because they were children, no serious efforts were made to prosecute these claims.

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Many adult leaders of the Hitler Youth were put on trial by Allied authorities, and Baldur von Schirach was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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