16 Facts About Honda Shadow


Honda Shadow refers to a family of cruiser-type motorcycles made by Honda since 1983.

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In 1983, Honda introduced the Shadow series of motorcycles in an attempt to address the needs of the American cruiser market with the VT500c and VT750c.

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Honda Shadow RS recalls a flat track racing bike with chain drive, a 'peanut' style gas tank and a slightly higher seat height with foot pegs less forward than conventional cruisers .

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Honda Shadow 125 is mainly for the UK and Europe market, as it fits within the restrictions placed on learner drivers in the UK and the light motorcycle license in Europe.

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VT750C Shadow debuted in late 1982 for North American markets, and a nearly identical NV750 Custom launched in Japan for Honda's domestic market.

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The Honda Shadow 750 was exported to Germany in 1987, the last VT750C model year.

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VT750C Honda Shadow ACE had full fenders and retro style features similar to the VT1100C Honda Shadow ACE released two years earlier.

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The Honda Shadow 750 was available as a standard or Deluxe model with more chrome and optional two-tone paint.

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The 750cc Honda Shadow was available in Japan as the NV750C continuing through 2001.

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The 750cc Shadow ACE was the best-selling model in Honda's 2002 street motorcycle lineup.

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The VT750DC Shadow was exported to Australia, and Honda's domestic market version was the NV750DC Shadow Slasher.

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At the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show, Honda exhibited a preproduction "low-and-long" 750cc Shadow kitted out in retro-style bodywork, equipped with shaft final drive and the Honda Ignition Security System electronic anti-theft device.

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Early VT750CA models had front-wheel ABS only, subsequent VT750CS models replace the rear drum brake with a hydraulic disk brake, required for Honda Shadow's combined ABS with individual control of front and rear brakes.

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In 2007 Honda sold three different Shadow 750 cruisers, the original chain-drive Spirit, the shaft-drive Aero and the first Spirit VT750C2.

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VT750C2 Spirit came by its frame layout from the VT750C Aero as well, but Honda Shadow's designers adjusted the new Spirit's geometry to give it a drag-bike or chopper-style appearance.

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Honda Shadow Japan created a series of VT400 models for the Japanese domestic market in 1997, practically identical to the VT750 series but with smaller displacement engines.

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