15 Facts About House of Lords

1. The last such trial in the House of Lords was of Edward Russell, 26th Baron de Clifford, in 1935.

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2. The House of Lords would be presided over not by the Lord Chancellor, but by the Lord High Steward, an official especially appointed for the occasion of the trial.

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3. The House of Lords was not the United Kingdom's only court of last resort; in some cases, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council performs such a function.

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4. House of Lords debates legislation, and has power to amend or reject bills.

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5. House of Lords remains a source for junior ministers and members of government.

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6. House of Lords does not control the term of the Prime Minister or of the Government.

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7. House of Lords had created 117 new peers since becoming prime minister in May 2010, a faster rate of elevation than any PM in British history.

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8. House of Lords's writes, "In general legitimacy comes with election.

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9. House of Lords was reduced to a largely powerless body, with Cromwell and his supporters in the Commons dominating the Government.

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10. House of Lords developed from the "Great Council" that advised the King during medieval times.

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11. The House of Lords has a Church of England role, in that Church Measures must be tabled within the House by the Lords Spiritual.

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12. The House of Lords has its own support services, separate from the Commons, including the House of Lords Library.

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13. The House of Lords is the only upper house of any bicameral parliament to be larger than its lower house.

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14. Unlike the elected House of Commons, all members of the House of Lords are appointed.

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15. House of Lords, known as the House of Peers, is the upper house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

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