18 Facts About Hudson Valley


Hudson Valley was inhabited by indigenous peoples ages before Europeans arrived.

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The lower Hudson Valley River was inhabited by the Lenape, The Lenape people waited for the explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano onshore, traded with Henry Hudson Valley, and sold the island of Manhattan.

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Hudson Valley docked his ship on the western shore of Haverstraw Bay and claimed the territory as the first Dutch settlement in North America.

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Hudson Valley proceeded upstream as far as present-day Troy before concluding that no such strait existed there.

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Under British colonial rule, the Hudson Valley became an agricultural hub, with manors being developed on the east side of the river.

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Meanwhile, land west of Hudson Valley River contained smaller landholdings with many small farmers living off the land.

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Hudson Valley River was a key river during the Revolutionary War.

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The Hudson Valley proved attractive for railroads, once technology progressed to the point where it was feasible to construct the required bridges over tributaries.

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Hudson Valley is one physiographic section of the larger Ridge-and-Valley province, which in turn is part of the larger Appalachian physiographic division.

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The northern portions of the Hudson Valley fall within the Eastern Great Lakes and Hudson Lowlands Ecoregion.

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Hudson Valley has a long agricultural history, as it was settled with agriculture being its main industry.

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Grain production moved west to the Genesee Valley, and so Hudson Valley farms specialized, especially in viticulture, berries, and orchard cultivation.

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Hudson Valley is divided into three regions: Upper, Middle, and Lower.

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The Lower Hudson Valley is typically considered part of the Downstate New York region due to its geographical and cultural proximity to New York City.

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Major interstates in the Hudson Valley include Interstate 87, a small section of Interstate 95 in Southeastern Westchester County, Interstate 287 serving Westchester and Rockland Counties, Interstate 84 serving Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange Counties, and Interstate 684 serving Westchester and Putnam Counties.

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The Walkway Over the Hudson Valley is a pedestrian bridge which parallels the Mid-Hudson Valley Bridge and was formerly a railroad bridge.

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Hudson Valley is served by two airports with commercial airline service: Westchester County Airport near White Plains and Stewart International Airport near Newburgh.

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Hudson Valley Renegades is a minor league baseball team affiliated with the New York Yankees.

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