16 Facts About Humber College


Humber College offers more than 150 programs including bachelor's degree, diploma, certificate, post-graduate certificate and apprenticeship programs, across 40 fields of study.

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Humber College provides academic advisors and resources, such as a career finder.

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Beyond this, Humber College provides Bridging Programs for internationally trained professionals in the fields of engineering and information technology.

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Humber College was established in 1967 under its founding President, Gordon Wragg.

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The first new section of Humber College opened on Monday September 11,1967 at James S Bell Elementary School, a public school on Lake Shore Boulevard West.

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Humber College had the largest group of business students in the province.

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Humber College introduced flexible manufacturing and was a pioneer in introducing computer applications in technology programs.

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Humber College had a large international outreach program, working in over 20 countries.

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On September 25,2019, Humber College announced the decision to close the Orangeville Campus at the end of June 2021 and start with a new International Graduate School in downtown Toronto.

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In 1968, Humber College opened Queensway 1 Campus which was located at 56 Queen Elizabeth Blvd; however, it was later renamed Lakeshore 2 Campus in 1975.

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In 1968 Humber formally joined the Ontario College Athletic Association.

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Humber College started with just four varsity programs and endured the growing pains of a young athletic program.

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Humber College has grown from four to twenty varsity teams, competing in every sport that the OCAA offers.

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Humber College offers residences for students at the North and Lakeshore Campuses.

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Humber College has recently received funding to build an outdoor learning lab and naturalized play environment at one of its campus child care centres.

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On February 2,2009, Humber College students became the first to contact an astronaut in orbit using an apparatus they built and operated.

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