21 Facts About I'm Breathless


I'm Breathless worked with producer Shep Pettibone on the album's first single, "Vogue".

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I'm Breathless smoked cigarettes in order to portray the vocals of her character Breathless.

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I'm Breathless was commercially successful, peaking at number one on the European Top 100 Albums, as well as the national charts of Australia, Germany, and Japan—in the latter it became the country's best-selling foreign album of the year.

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I'm Breathless pursued the part of Mahoney, but offered to work for minimum wages to avoid favoritism.

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Madonna recorded "Now I'm Breathless Following You" whose version sung by Andy Paley appeared in the film.

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I'm Breathless spoke about the "wilderness" of the tunes, saying that she was not confident of doing justice to the songs, and neither was Sondheim.

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O'Brien said that the songs on I'm Breathless had a "coquettish" and "pandering nature", and was the polar opposite to Madonna's previous release, Like a Prayer, which had an introspective composition.

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I'm Breathless opens with the sound of an intercom and a shuffle, and power ballad "He's a Man" starts, a song which Madonna sings as if she was a "hooker stalking the boulevard".

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I'm Breathless wore a long, tight, white dress designed by Bob Mackie and covered in sequins and pearls.

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Performance of the I'm Breathless songs began with "Sooner or Later" sung atop a grand piano, followed by "Hanky Panky", with Madonna standing in front of a microphone.

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I'm Breathless was dressed in a striped vaudeville-style corset, playing the part of a nightclub singer.

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I'm Breathless added that the album was able to prove that Madonna "is cut out to do many other things, not just the trashy stuff".

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I'm Breathless added that "Vogue" showed the singer "can still deliver that indefinable something extra".

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Sal Cinquemani from Slant Magazine gave it four out of five stars, declaring: "I'm Breathless proves that Madonna is a true renaissance woman".

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I'm Breathless did finish his review by expressing: "[I'm Breathless] remains a compelling snapshot of a pivotal moment in Madonna's life and career, when the world rolled in ecstasy at her feet and she had the power to push it any which way she wanted, to mold it to suit her ideal".

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I'm Breathless debuted at number 44 on the Billboard 200 during the week of June 9,1990, peaking at number 2 two weeks later.

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I'm Breathless was certified double-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, denoting shipment of over two million copies throughout the country.

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On June 2,1990, I'm Breathless entered the Canadian RPM Albums Chart at number 39, eventually peaking at number three.

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I'm Breathless entered the New Zealand Albums Chart at number twenty-eight during the week of June 3,1990.

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In Japan, I'm Breathless became Madonna's second number-one album on the Oricon Albums Chart and had sold an estimated 329,382 units by the year end.

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In Germany, I'm Breathless topped the Media Control albums chart and was certified gold by Bundesverband Musikindustrie for shipping 250,000 copies.

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