12 Facts About Information Age


Information Age is a historical period that began in the mid-20th century, characterized by a rapid epochal shift from traditional industry established by the Industrial Revolution to an economy primarily based upon information technology.

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Information Age advocated replacing bulky, decaying printed works with miniaturized microform analog photographs, which could be duplicated on-demand for library patrons and other institutions.

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Traditionally, these epochs have taken place over hundreds, or in the case of the Neolithic Revolution, thousands of years, whereas the Information Age swept to all parts of the globe in just a few years.

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Industrial Information Age began in Great Britain in 1760 and continued into the mid-19th Century.

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The Industrial Information Age harnessed steam and waterpower to reduce the dependence on animal and human physical labor as the primary means of production.

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Information Age requires electricity to power the global networks of computers that process and store data.

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However, what dramatically accelerated the pace of adoption of The Information Age, as compared to previous ones, was the speed by which knowledge could be transferred and pervaded the entire human family in a few short decades.

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The Secondary Information Age was developed by the Internet, satellite televisions and mobile phones.

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Information Age has affected the workforce in several ways, such as compelling workers to compete in a global job market.

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Information Age has affected the workforce in that automation and computerization have resulted in higher productivity coupled with net job loss in manufacturing.

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Information Age was enabled by technology developed in the Digital Revolution, which was itself enabled by building on the developments of the Technological Revolution.

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Onset of the Information Age can be associated with the development of transistor technology.

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