19 Facts About Phillips 66


Phillips 66 Company is an American multinational energy company headquartered in Westchase, Houston, Texas.

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Phillips 66 today was formed ten years after Phillips merged with Conoco to form ConocoPhillips, the merged company spun off its refining, chemical, and retail assets into a new company bearing the Phillips name.

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Phillips 66 is ranked No 29 on the Fortune 500 list and No 74 on the Fortune Global 500 list as of 2022 with revenues of over $115 billion USD.

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In 1959, Phillips 66 replaced these colors with red, white and black, the one still deployed.

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Phillips 66 was among the first oil companies to introduce a multi-grade motor oil, "TropArtic, " in 1954.

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Phillips 66 had gasoline stations in Canada's western provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan under the name Pacific 66 until the late 1970s.

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In 1966, Phillips 66 entered the West Coast market by purchasing Tidewater Oil Co.

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Phillips 66 Petroleum created a joint venture with Chevron Corporation's chemicals and plastics division in 2000 and acquired ARCO Alaska from BP.

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In 1983, Phillips Petroleum purchased the General American Oil Company from owners Algur H Meadows, Henry W Peters, and Ralph G Trippett.

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In 1973, Phillips 66 began billing itself as "The Performance Company, " promoting innovations with asphaltic materials, fertilizers, and other non-automotive products as well as its traditional automotive products.

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Phillips 66 has long been a supporter of basketball in the Midwest and Southwest, particularly at the collegiate and senior amateur level.

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The men's and women's conference basketball tournaments of the Big Eight Conference, which featured multiple universities in Phillips 66's footprint, was officially sponsored by the firm since the 1980s: the sponsorship would move to its successor, the Big 12 Conference, in 1997 and Phillips remains the tournament's presenting sponsor to this day.

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The 7-footer passed up the opportunity to play pro for a marketing job at Phillips 66, winning three AAU titles and two Olympic gold medals while eventually rising to the executive level and helping to develop self-serve gas stations.

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In Europe, Phillips 66 operates Jet filling stations in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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Phillips 66 is the fourth largest finished lubricants supplier in the United States.

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Phillips 66 has stations in 44 U S states, just behind Shell Oil Company and ExxonMobil, lacking a presence in Alaska, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and West Virginia.

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Phillips 66 owns 13 refineries with a net crude oil capacity of 2.

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Phillips 66 owns a one-quarter share in the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

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Phillips 66 purchased the land from a subsidiary of Thomas Properties Group.

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