50 Facts About British Columbia

1. In 1961, British Columbia ratified the Columbia River Treaty which required the building of three large dams in British Columbia in return for financial compensation related to US hydroelectric power production enabled by the dams.

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2. The Spanish and the British Columbia sent several expeditions to find this semi-mythical Northwest Passage, including James Cook's 1778 expedition.

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3. British Columbia is the province's first NDP premier in 16 years.

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4. British Columbia would resign in November 2010 and call on the party to elect a new leader.

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5. British Columbia named Burnaby Lake after his private secretary Robert Burnaby and named Port Coquitlam's 400-foot "Mary Hill" after his wife.

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6. British Columbia selected the site and founded the new capital, New Westminster.

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7. British Columbia evolved from British possessions that were established in what is British Columbia by 1871.

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8. Capital of British Columbia remains Victoria, the fifteenth-largest metropolitan region in Canada, named for Queen Victoria, who ruled during the creation of the original colonies.

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9. On July 21, 1871, British Columbia became the sixth province of the Dominion of Canada and Victoria was proclaimed the Capital City.

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10. British Columbia was one of North America's most multicultural regions long before its first European settlers arrived.

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11. British Columbia lacked an interconnected highway system in the interior until the 1950s.

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12. The Southern Railway of British Columbia is older than BC Rail, and the latter was a part of BC Hydro until 1988.

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13. British Columbia is one of the most ethnically diverse provinces in the country.

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14. British Columbia has two main regions, often called "the Coast" and "the Interior.

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15. British Columbia has attracted immigrants more consistently since confederation in 1867 than any other Canadian province, and since the early 20th century more than any province except Ontario.

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16. British Columbia has been among the most secular of Canadian provinces, having a high proportion of citizens who claim no religious affiliation.

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17. British Columbia receives considerable precipitation, but its distribution is far from ideal.

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18. British Columbia became the second Canadian province to legalize same-sex marriage on July 8, 2003.

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19. British Columbia is four times the size of Great Britain.

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20. British Columbia lost Fort Vancouver, and lots of the gulf islands.

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21. British Columbia is the westernmost province in Canada.

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22. British Columbia sends 6 senators and 32 representatives to the national parliament.

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23. British Columbia is the third largest and most westerly province in Canada and it is four times the size of Great Britain.

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24. British Columbia has a long history that still shows throughout much of the province today.

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25. The first recorded discovery of British Columbia was by James Cook in 1778.

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26. British Columbia has the second largest parks system in Canada, after Canada's National Parks.

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27. In 2009, people born in British Columbia had the highest life expectancy in Canada, at 81.7 years.

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28. British Columbia joins multiple governments around the world looking to.

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29. British Columbia wants to phase out sales of new internal-combustion cars by 2040.

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30. British Columbia moves to phase out non-electric car sales by 2040.

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31. British Columbia offers credits of up to C$5000 for the purchase or lease of new battery electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, and C$6000 for new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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32. British Columbia plans to end non-electric car sales by 2040.

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33. British Columbia has produced many outstanding athletes, especially in aquatic and winter sports.

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34. British Columbia has strong participation levels in many other sports, including golf, tennis, soccer, hockey, Canadian football, rugby union, lacrosse, baseball, softball, basketball, curling, disc golf, Ultimate and figure skating.

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35. British Columbia tested a fleet of Hydrogen-fueled buses for the Vancouver-Whistler Winter Olympics in 2010.

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36. In April 2016 the government of British Columbia declared a public health emergency due to overdoses on the illicit opioid Fentanyl.

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37. British Columbia was the second Canadian jurisdiction to legalize same-sex marriage.

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38. Flag of British Columbia is not protected and is in the public domain.

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39. British Columbia is underrepresented in the Senate of Canada, leading Premier Christy Clark to refuse to cooperate with the federal government's new reforms for senate appointments to be made based on the recommendations of a new advisory board that would use non-partisan criteria.

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40. British Columbia is known for having politically active labour unions who have traditionally supported the NDP or its predecessor, the CCF.

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41. British Columbia has an 87-member elected Legislative Assembly, elected by the plurality voting system, though in recent years there has been significant debate about switching to a single transferable vote system.

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42. British Columbia has been a significant destination for internal Canadian migrants.

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43. British Columbia has been significantly affected by demographic changes within Canada and around the world.

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44. British Columbia has long taken advantage of its location on the Pacific Ocean to have close relations with East Asia.

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45. British Columbia contains a large number of provincial parks, run by BC Parks under the aegis of the Ministry of Environment.

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46. British Columbia contains seven of Canada's national parks and National Park Reserves:.

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47. The southern border of British Columbia was established by the 1846 Oregon Treaty, although its history is tied with lands as far south as California.

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48. In October 2013, British Columbia had an estimated population of 4,606,371.

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49. Capital of British Columbia remains Victoria, the fifteenth-largest metropolitan region in Canada, named for the Queen who created the original European colonies.

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50. British Columbia is the westernmost province of Canada, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.

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