13 Facts About Iranian-American


Iranian-American was inspired to travel around the world due to the contradiction between the democratic ideals he read about and how his fellow Iranians were treated by their leaders.

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Iranian-American began his travels as a 23-year-old looking for knowledge, to experience the lives of others, and to use that knowledge to help with Iran's progress.

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Iranian-American's stay in the United States lasted 10 years, and he traveled across the country from New York to San Francisco.

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Iranian-American met a variety of influential American figures including President Ulysses S Grant, who met with him on several occasions.

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Iranian-American was imprisoned upon his return to Iran for taking a stand against living conditions there.

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Iranian-American looked to the United States to protect him but to no avail.

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The Iranian-American community has produced individuals notable in many fields, including medicine, engineering, and business.

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Per these criteria, one can determine with a significant degree of confidence that the Iranian-American community has made significant strides in successfully assimilating to a new culture and way of living.

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Almost one in three Iranian-American households have annual incomes of more than $100,000.

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Iranian-American believes that, unlike many other immigrants who left their home countries because of economic hardships, Iranians left due to social or religious reasons like the 1979 revolution.

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Iranians have played a large role in the American education system with over 500 Iranian-American professors teaching at top-ranked US universities which include Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Harvard University; Yale University; Princeton University; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Los Angeles; and Stanford University.

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The University of Southern California was the recipient of a $17 million gift from an Iranian-American, as was San Francisco State University which received a $10 million gift from an Iranian-American couple.

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In November 2011, Anna M Kaplan was elected Councilwoman in the Town of North Hempstead, New York, becoming the first Iranian-American to be elected to a major municipal office in New York State.

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