25 Facts About Ivanka Trump

1. Ivanka Trump obtained approval from China for trademarks—including voting machines.

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2. Ivanka Trump turned heads in a gorgeous yellow plaid skirt suit at the Blair House in Washington, DC during a discussion about Women's Economic Empowerment.

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3. Ivanka Trump eyeing staffing shakeup in Cabinet and at White House.

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4. Ivanka Trump is said to have warmed to Ayers in part by watching the effectiveness of Pence's largely independent political operation.

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5. Ivanka Trump has berated her during Cabinet meetings To put this plainly, all the soldiers are dead.

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6. Ivanka Trump celebrates Diwali, says grateful for friendship with PM Modi.

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7. Ivanka Trump planning shakeup, eyeing new chief of staff and DHS secretary: Sources.

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8. Ivanka Trump wants State Department spokeswoman for UN job, sources say.

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9. Ivanka Trump reportedly filed for the trademark applications when her.

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10. Ivanka Trump smiles in photos with university president in favor of arming college students.

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11. In an interview on The Dr Oz Show, Ivanka Trump revealed that she had suffered from postpartum depression after each of her pregnancies.

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12. Ivanka Trump has ties to a number of Jewish charities, including Chai Lifeline, a charity which helps to look after children with cancer.

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13. Ivanka Trump says she is an advocate for women and Israel.

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14. In a recent announcement, Donald Ivanka Trump said that his daughter will lead the US delegation to India this fall in a global support of women's entrepreneurship.

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15. In late April 2017, Ivanka Trump hired Julie Radford as her chief of staff.

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16. Ivanka Trump introduced her father in a speech immediately before his own speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention in July.

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17. In January 2016, Ivanka Trump was featured in a radio ad which aired in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire, in which she praised her father.

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18. In 2006, Ivanka Trump filled in for Carolyn Kepcher on five episodes of her father's television program The Apprentice 5, first appearing to help judge the Gillette task in week 2.

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19. On July 24, 2018, Ivanka Trump announced that she decided to shut down her company after deciding to pursue a career in public policy instead of returning to her fashion company.

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20. Ivanka Trump attended the Chapin School in Manhattan until she was 15, when she transferred to Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut.

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21. Ivanka Trump visited the Tree of Life synagogue and lit candles for the victims before visiting survivors in the hospital.

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22. Ivanka Trump says Americans will 'lose a lot of money' if GOP loses in midterm election.

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23. Ivanka Trump makes surprise visit at Kim Reynolds campaign headquarters.

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24. Ivanka Trump spoke to an invitation only crowd of around 100, and talked about the.

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25. Ivanka Trump talks economy in campaign stop for Governor Reynolds.

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