24 Facts About James Whitmore


James Whitmore received numerous accolades, including a Golden Globe Award, a Grammy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, a Theatre World Award, and a Tony Award, plus two Academy Award nominations.

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James Whitmore went on to study at Yale University, but he had to quit playing football after severely injuring his knees.

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James Whitmore planned on becoming a lawyer and graduated with a major in government from Yale University.

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James Whitmore was married to actress Audra Lindley from 1972 until 1979.

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James Whitmore co-starred in several stage performances with her both during and after their marriage.

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James Whitmore is the grandfather of Survivor: Gabon contestant Matty James Whitmore.

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In January 2008, James Whitmore appeared in television commercials for the First Freedom First campaign, which advocates preserving "the separation of church and state" and protecting religious liberty.

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James Whitmore was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for this role, and won the Golden Globe Award as Best Performance by an Actor In A Supporting Role.

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James Whitmore appeared during the 1950s on many television anthology series.

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James Whitmore was cast as Father Emil Kapaun in the 1955 episode "The Good Thief" in the ABC religion anthology series Crossroads.

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In 1963, James Whitmore played Captain William Benteen in The Twilight Zone episode "On Thursday We Leave for Home".

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That same year, James Whitmore appeared on an episode of ABC's Custer starring Wayne Maunder in the title role.

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From 1972 to 1973, James Whitmore played Dr Vincent Campanelli in the short-lived ABC medical sitcom Temperatures Rising.

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James Whitmore appeared as General Oliver O Howard in the 1975 television film I Will Fight No More Forever, based on the 1877 conflict between the United States Army and the Nez Perce tribe, led by Chief Joseph.

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In 1979, James Whitmore hosted a talk show of 22 episodes called simply Comeback.

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In 1980 James Whitmore appeared as Jake Reeves the terminally ill father of coach Reeves in a two episode arc of the television series White Shadow.

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In 1986, James Whitmore voiced Mark Twain in the first claymation feature film The Adventures of Mark Twain.

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In 1994, James Whitmore played the role of prison librarian Brooks Hatlen in the critically acclaimed and Academy Award-nominated 1994 Frank Darabont film The Shawshank Redemption, starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman; James Whitmore received much praise for his poignant portrayal of Brooks, the old con and the role won him a legion of new fans.

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In 2002, James Whitmore played the role of the grandfather in the Disney Channel original film A Ring of Endless Light.

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Also in 2002, James Whitmore played a supporting role in The Majestic, a film that starred Jim Carrey.

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In 2003, James Whitmore appeared as Josh Brolin's father on the short-lived NBC drama series Mister Sterling, for which he was nominated for an Emmy Award.

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James Whitmore continued to be active in the theatre for all of his career, performing on Broadway, at Ford's Theatre in Washington DC, and on tour.

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James Whitmore told me I didn't know the difference between acting as a soft job and acting as a difficult art.

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James Whitmore has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6611 Hollywood Boulevard.

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