43 Facts About Jay Cutler

1. In 2013 Jay Cutler played himself in an episode of the comedy show The League, alongside his wife, Kristin Cavallari, who appeared in one other episode of the show.

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2. Jay Cutler does volunteer work for young people with developmental disabilities through Vanderbilt's "Best Buddies" program.

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3. Jay Cutler began dating reality television star Kristin Cavallari in Fall 2010 and became engaged to her in April 2011.

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4. Jay Cutler had his best performance of the year in a Monday Night Football game against New England where he outplayed Tom Brady and the Dolphins upset the Patriots.

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5. Jay Cutler was 24-of-33 for 230 yards with a touchdown to wide receiver Kenny Stills in the road victory.

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6. In May 2017, Jay Cutler announced his retirement from professional football and was hired by FOX Sports to be a commentator.

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7. On March 9, 2017, Jay Cutler was released by the Bears through a $2 million buyout clause, after the guaranteed years in his seven-year contract had run out.

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8. Jay Cutler sustained a labrum injury in his throwing shoulder on November 20, 2016 in a loss to the Giants, and missed the rest of the season.

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9. Jay Cutler had three unremarkable games in narrow losses to Denver and San Francisco and a narrow win at Green Bay.

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10. Jay Cutler began Week 2 against the Cardinals with 8 straight completions, but then threw an interception and injured his hamstring failing to stop safety Tony Jefferson from returning it for a touchdown.

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11. Jay Cutler began the season with a lackluster 225 yards in a loss to Green Bay, tossing a last-minute touchdown to Bennett to bring his rating up to 67.5.

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12. Jay Cutler accrued 3,812 passing yards, a career-high 28 passing touchdowns, but led the NFL with 18 interceptions.

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13. The next week, Jay Cutler threw two touchdowns, three interceptions, and just 194 yards for a season-low 55.8 passer rating in a loss to the Saints.

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14. Jay Cutler threw three touchdowns, two interceptions, and 330 yards against the Vikings, and 130 yards and one passing touchdown against Tampa Bay.

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15. In both weeks 4 and 5, Jay Cutler threw two touchdowns and two interceptions in defeats to the Packers and Panthers.

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16. On January 2, 2014, Jay Cutler signed a seven-year deal, keeping him with the Bears through the 2020 NFL season.

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17. Jay Cutler threw two interceptions in the first half against the Cleveland Browns, one returned for a touchdown, but ended with a 102.2 passer rating and three touchdowns.

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18. Jay Cutler threw 2 touchdowns in a Week 6 win over the New York Giants.

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19. Jay Cutler threw three interceptions in a week 4 loss to Detroit.

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20. Jay Cutler returned for a Week 12 win over the Minnesota Vikings.

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21. Jay Cutler earned Offensive Player of the Week for his effort against the Vikings.

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22. Jay Cutler was the subject of most of the praise and criticism during the Chicago Bears' mercurial season.

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23. Jay Cutler finished third in fan voting for AFC quarterbacks in the 2009 Pro Bowl, and was officially selected as a reserve.

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24. Jay Cutler was selected as the FedEx Air Player of the Week for his performances during Weeks 10, 13 and 14.

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25. Jay Cutler had the most 300-yard passing games in team history.

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26. Jay Cutler was the NFL's 12th-ranked passer and had the tenth-most passing yards (3,497).

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27. In that game, Jay Cutler passed for four touchdowns and a then-career-best rating of 141.0.

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28. Jay Cutler had a touchdown pass during the game, making him the first Broncos passer to begin his Broncos career with at least one touchdown pass in his first seven starts.

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29. Late in regulation, Jay Cutler moved the team 78 yards in 15 plays for the game-tying field goal with 2:18 remaining.

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30. Jay Cutler led Denver to their second straight comeback win the next week in the home opener against the Oakland Raiders.

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31. Jay Cutler posted the second-highest touchdown percentage and third-highest TD-to-INT ratio (1.8) among NFL rookies since 1970 with at least 125 passing attempts.

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32. Jay Cutler went 12-of-23 with 179 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.

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33. Jay Cutler had two interceptions and took three sacks in the loss.

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34. Jay Cutler passed for more yards than any other rookie in the preseason.

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35. On July 27, 2006, Jay Cutler agreed to terms on a six-year $48 million contract, which included $11 million in bonuses.

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36. Jay Cutler is the third first-round pick to come from Vanderbilt, preceded by Will Wolford and Bill Wade.

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37. At the 2006 NFL Scouting Combine, Jay Cutler completed 23 repetitions of a 225-pound bench press and ran a 40-yard dash in 4.77 seconds.

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38. Jay Cutler was ranked by many experts as the third-best quarterback prospect in the 2006 NFL Draft, after Matt Leinart of USC and Vince Young of Texas.

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39. Jay Cutler graduated from Vanderbilt in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in human and organizational development.

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40. In 2002, Jay Cutler set the school record for touchdowns and rushing yards by a freshman and rushed for more yards than any other Southeastern Conference quarterback that year.

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41. Jay Cutler started all 45 career games that he played for the Vanderbilt Commodores football team, the most starts by a quarterback in school history.

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42. Jay Cutler played strong safety in the state championship and made 19 tackles.

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43. Jay Cutler was born in Santa Claus, Indiana, in 1983.

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