30 Facts About Joe Flacco

1. Joe Flacco has since enrolled at the University of New Haven to play football as a tight end, and declared for the 2014 NFL Draft.

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2. Joe Flacco is the oldest out of the five boys in his family.

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3. Joe Flacco has teamed up with opendorse to promote a Zynga mobile application called "NFL Showdown: Football Manager" as well as a line of women's apparel for Spirit Football Jersey.

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4. Joe Flacco has endorsed Nike and 1st Mariner Bank, as well as Haribo since January 2013.

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5. Joe Flacco signed a three-year contract with Reebok as a rookie in 2008.

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6. Joe Flacco left the game, and was relieved by Ryan Mallett for the rest.

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7. Joe Flacco posted a 6.4 average per attempt, tying his career worst.

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8. On March 2, 2016, Joe Flacco agreed to a three-year extension to remain with the team.

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9. Joe Flacco threw a pass into the end zone, intended for double-covered tight end Crockett Gillmore, which was intercepted by safety, and former Raven, Darian Stewart, officially ending the game for Baltimore.

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10. Joe Flacco earned AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors for the third time in his career.

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11. Joe Flacco was ranked 58th by his fellow players on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2014.

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12. On March 4, 2013, Joe Flacco became the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history when he signed a six-year contract worth $120.6 million.

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13. Joe Flacco was ranked 19th by his fellow players on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2013.

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14. Joe Flacco finished the year with an 80.9 QB rating.

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15. Joe Flacco threw for 3,610 yards, 20 touchdowns, 12 interceptions, and had one rushing score.

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16. Joe Flacco won all three of these games, sweeping Pittsburgh for the first time in his career, but lost fumbles in each one.

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17. Joe Flacco had three more 300-yard games during the regular season: against the Texans, Cardinals and Steelers in a Sunday Night Football matchup.

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18. Joe Flacco was ranked 90th by his fellow players on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2011.

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19. Joe Flacco tied his interception number from his rookie season of 12.

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20. Joe Flacco threw one interception and had a quarterback rating of 95.8.

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21. Joe Flacco is the first rookie quarterback to win two playoff games.

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22. Joe Flacco made tight-window throws to Todd Heap and Mark Clayton on the go ahead scoring drive in the 4th quarter to set up a game-winning field goal from Matt Stover.

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23. Joe Flacco completed 9-of-23 attempted passes, accumulating 135 yards without throwing a touchdown or interception.

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24. Joe Flacco scored the victory-sealing rushing touchdown on a quarterback draw in the 4th quarter.

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25. Joe Flacco completed 15 of 29 passes for 129 yards, his longest pass being a 15-yard play to Derrick Mason.

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26. Joe Flacco was drafted by the Ravens with the 18th overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft after the team traded out of the eight overall selection to the 26th, then up again.

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27. Joe Flacco set 20 school records during his career at Delaware.

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28. Joe Flacco finished the season with one completion for 11 yards.

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29. Joe Flacco was born in Audubon, New Jersey, the son of Karen and Steve Flacco.

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30. Joe Flacco is known for having one of the strongest arms in the NFL, which allows him to use an "aggressive, high-risk deep downfield passing game.

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