37 Facts About Joe Montana

1. Joe Montana now owns horses and produces wine under the label Montagia.

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2. Joe Montana placed his $49 million, 500-acre estate in Calistoga, California, on sale in 2009, which was reduced to $35 million in January 2012.

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3. Joe Montana met Jennifer Wallace, an actress and model, while the two worked on a Schick commercial; the couple married in 1985.

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4. Joe Montana is an Americanized form of the surname Montani, which comes from northern Italy.

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5. Joe Montana is the only player to have two touchdown passes of 95+ yards.

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6. Joe Montana was selected to the Pro Bowl eight times and selected All-Pro six times.

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7. Joe Montana held the record for most Super Bowl pass completions and still holds the record for pass attempts (122) without throwing an interception.

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8. Joe Montana led his team to victory in each game, and was the first player ever to win three Super Bowl MVP awards.

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9. Joe Montana tied Terry Bradshaw's record for consecutive playoff games with at least two touchdown passes, though this record has since been broken by Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

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10. Joe Montana held the record for most passing yards on a Monday night game with 458 against the Los Angeles Rams in 1989.

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11. Joe Montana had won 100 games faster than any other quarterback until surpassed by Tom Brady in 2008.

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12. Joe Montana led his team to a final playoff appearance in 1994.

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13. Joe Montana returned healthy to the Chiefs in 1994, starting all but two games.

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14. Joe Montana declined Dawson's and Stenerud's offers and wore 19 instead and signed a $10 million contract over three years.

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15. Joe Montana was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs in April 1993.

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16. Joe Montana suited up for the final time as a 49er in the team's NFC Championship showdown with the Dallas Cowboys, though as third string QB behind Young and Steve Bono.

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17. Joe Montana finished with 428 yards passing and five touchdown passes in the victory.

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18. Joe Montana rushed for 227 yards and three touchdowns on the ground, and earned the NFL Most Valuable Player Award.

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19. Joe Montana completed 23 of 36 passes for a Super Bowl record 357 yards and two touchdowns.

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20. Joe Montana crossed the picket line during the NFLPA strike and threw five touchdowns against replacement players.

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21. In 1987, Joe Montana had 31 touchdown passes, a career-high, in just 13 games.

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22. Joe Montana established the Super Bowl record for most yards passing in a single game and supplemented his passing with 59 yards rushing.

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23. Joe Montana set what was then an NFL record with five consecutive 300-yard passing games.

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24. Joe Montana helped San Francisco win two of those games with fourth-quarter comebacks.

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25. Joe Montana began the 1981 season as San Francisco's starting quarterback.

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26. Joe Montana completed 64.5 percent of his passes, which led the league.

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27. Joe Montana became the starting quarterback midway through the 1980 season.

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28. Joe Montana spent most of the season as the backup on the San Francisco depth chart behind starter Steve DeBerg.

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29. Joe Montana graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in business administration and marketing.

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30. Joe Montana spent one minute and two seconds of game time on the field.

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31. In 2006, 32 years after Joe Montana had graduated, Ringgold High School renamed their football stadium "Joe Montana Stadium.

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32. Joe Montana held the role for the final two years of his high school career; after his senior year, Parade named him to their All-American team.

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33. Joe Montana was so good that during his senior year, North Carolina State offered Montana a basketball scholarship.

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34. In 1993, Joe Montana was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs and led the franchise to its first AFC Championship Game in January 1994.

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35. Joe Montana was elected to eight Pro Bowls, as well as being voted 1st team All-Pro by the AP in 1987, 1989, and 1990.

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36. Joe Montana was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000, his first year of eligibility.

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37. Joe Montana holds Super Bowl career records for most passes without an interception and the all-time highest quarterback rating of 127.8.

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