23 Facts About Johnny Thunder


Johnny Thunder is the name of three fictional superheroes appearing in comics published by DC Comics.

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Johnny Thunder lived with his parents, dated his on-again, off-again girlfriend Daisy Darling .

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Johnny Thunder finally became a member after the Flash left and the group told him to capture Mister X, which he accidentally succeeded in doing.

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Johnny Thunder's adventures ceased in the late 1940s when he was replaced in the Justice Society stories by a heroine he had begun teaming up with, the Black Canary.

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Johnny Thunder manages to summon Superman, and the would-be conquerors' plans are defeated.

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Johnny Thunder spent some time in Badhnesia afterwards, teaching the native citizens about democracy.

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Johnny Thunder uses it to temporarily reshape Earth-One such that several heroes, such as Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern, retroactively cease to exist.

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The Earth-2 Johnny is apparently placed in a coma by the Thunderbolt's magic, though this is not actually shown.

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Alternate version of Earth-One that Johnny Thunder creates is sometimes referred to as Earth-A, which Johnny Thunder thinks up himself.

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Johnny Thunder creates a golden mask over Medusa-Man's face, and sends the wooden Mr Terrific and Atom at Absorbo-Man, who had absorbed Green Lantern's power, meaning he is vulnerable to wood and is destroyed.

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Johnny Thunder uses repello-magic on Repello-Man, which is repelled and destroys him.

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Johnny Thunder is depicted as an overweight man, not as old as his friends, but nostalgic for the past.

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Unfortunately, Johnny immediately falls prey to the Ultra-Humanite, who takes over Johnny's body in order to command the Thunderbolt's powers.

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Johnny Thunder's family is informed of his death and a funeral is held at Valhalla, a cemetery for superheroes.

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When Wally West was looking for someone to tether him to the universe again as seen in the DC Rebirth reboot, he comes to a retirement home called the Good Life Rest Home where a now-elderly Johnny Thunder tries to reconnect to the Justice Society, who have been lost since Joseph McCarthy had him reveal his secret and he had lost the Thunderbolt in the periods since.

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Johnny Thunder tried to tell others who he was, but many think that he is crazy.

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Johnny Thunder is later found by two men: presumably workers at the house.

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Jonni Johnny Thunder is the name of a fictional character and superhero appearing in comics published by DC Comics.

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Johnny Thunder's was a rebooted variant of Johnny Thunder and is commonly assisted by a new Thunderbolt.

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Jonni Johnny Thunder was imprisoned at Arkham Base with Brainwave, Karnevil, and Obsidian.

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Johnny Thunder's is part of a team of heroes recruited by the mage John Constantine in his attempt to return to his own world.

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Afraid of prejudices against mixed marriages, Johnny Thunder abandoned his son, something he later regretted deeply.

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Johnny Thunder was last seen searching for his father, touring with a rock band as a "human light show".

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