23 Facts About Ultra-Humanite


Ultra-Humanite was the first supervillain to appear in comic books published by DC Comics, usually as a recurring adversary of Superman.

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Ultra-Humanite is the first supervillain faced by Superman, and he is among the first supervillains of the Golden Age of Comics.

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Ultra-Humanite was designed to be the polar opposite of Superman; while Superman is a hero with superhuman strength, Ultra-Humanite is a criminal mastermind who has a crippled body but a highly advanced intellect.

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The Ultra-Humanite served as Superman's nemesis until Lex Luthor was introduced in the comics.

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Ultra-Humanite tries to extort millions of dollars from a cruise line, but again is foiled by Superman even though Ultra uses some kind of hologram of himself to escape capture.

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The Ultra-Humanite tells the city she wants $2 million or she will destroy every building and life in the city.

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In exchange for the release of Curtis, the Ultra-Humanite sends Superman to steal crown jewels, expecting him to be destroyed by the guards as she alerts them.

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When Superman returns with the jewels, the Ultra-Humanite sends diamond drills at Superman, but Superman breaks past them.

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The Ultra-Humanite was reintroduced during the Silver Age as a recurring villain in the "Mr and Mrs Superman" feature in the Superman Family anthology comic.

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The Ultra-Humanite was excluded from Superman's reboot, and his post-Crisis history remained tied to the 1940s and to the Justice Society of America and All-Star Squadron.

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Ultra-Humanite was born with both an intellect that surpassed the world's greatest minds and a degenerative disease that was slowly eating away at him.

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Ultra-Humanite used his intellect to find ways to keep the disease at bay, while trying to find a way to transplant his brain into a healthy body.

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Ultra-Humanite is said to still be alive and well, having stolen a copy of Steve Dayton's Mento helmet.

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Later, Ultra-Humanite is seen aiding the Reach in their plans to conquer Earth; he is defeated by Blue Beetle and Guy Gardner.

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When DC rebooted its continuity with The New 52 in 2011, Ultra-Humanite was reintroduced in the pages of Action Comics with a wildly different concept: a fear-feeding alien in the Phantom Zone who manages to get out and feed on the fear of Superman when he is just a child.

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The original Ultra-Humanite subsequently appeared again, depicted as an evil genius who placed his brain into an albino gorilla.

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Ultra-Humanite is a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains.

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Ultra-Humanite is a scientific genius, and possesses one of the most advanced human minds in the DC Universe.

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Ultra-Humanite has the medical knowledge necessary to surgically transfer his brain into another body without transplant rejection, even when using two vastly different species.

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Ultra-Humanite has invented numerous other devices including an invisible car, a mind-control helmet, and robots.

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Ultra-Humanite arranges to place the brain of his ally Adolf Hitler into the body of Danny Dunbar, while simultaneously arranging to give Hitler super-powers.

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Ultra-Humanite first appears in the 1939 story, but is believed to be killed when his escape rocket explodes.

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Ultra-Humanite is killed by Hawkgirl with the Amazonion Casket, the object he was going to use as part of his plan to take over Earth 2.

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