8 Facts About Jon Voight

1. In May 2008, Jon Voight paid a solidarity visit to Israel in honor of its 60th birthday.

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2. In this dramatized audio, Jon Voight played the character of Abraham.

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3. In 1995, Jon Voight played the role of "Nate", a fence in the film, Heat, directed by Michael Mann, and appeared in the television films Convict Cowboy, and The Tin Soldier, directing the latter film.

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4. In 1985, Jon Voight teamed up with Russian writer and director Andrei Konchalovsky to play the role of escaped con Manny Manheim in Runaway Train.

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5. In 1970, Jon Voight appeared in Mike Nichols' adaptation of Catch-22, and re-teamed with director Paul Williams to star in The Revolutionary, as a left wing college student struggling with his conscience.

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6. In 1969, Jon Voight was cast in the groundbreaking Midnight Cowboy, a film that would make his career.

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7. In 1968 Jon Voight took a role in director Paul Williams's Out of It.

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8. In 1962, Jon Voight married actress Lauri Peters, who he met when they both appeared in the original Broadway production of The Sound of Music.

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