38 Facts About Jordan Peterson

1. Jordan Peterson sees himself as "more of a traditionalist than a conservative.

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2. Jordan Peterson pours himself water, and leaves the bottle out of my reach.

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3. Jordan Peterson seemed destined to remain a well-regarded psychologist with a slot on Ontario public TV.

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4. Jordan Peterson emphasized the importance of narrative in one's life, and Rand would have wholeheartedly agreed with this.

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5. Jordan Peterson visited the Objectivist Conference 2018 for a friendly panel debate with intellectuals from the Ayn Rand Institute, hosted by independent journalist Dave Rubin.

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6. Jordan Peterson loves to talk about heroic narratives, and his own life in the past few months reads like a movie plot, albeit more Kung Fu Panda than Passion of the Christ.

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7. Jordan Peterson is not, of course, a scholar of racial inequality.

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8. Jordan Peterson was very clear to distinguish the difference, but I'm not surprised you had to translate that to the "hate speech" crowd.

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9. Jordan Peterson is careful not to explicitly align himself with fascists.

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10. Jordan Peterson appeared three times more as a Joe Rogan's guest each time getting a surge of new subscribers on his own channel.

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11. Jordan Peterson draws similar meaningful theories from Lion King, Ariel the Little Mermaid, the Beauty and the Beast and Peter Pan.

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12. Jordan Peterson sees the latter at work in the former, which I think is a paranoid overstatement.

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13. Jordan Peterson has made headlines the last two weeks, claiming that the Bill before the federal House of Commons is an unprecedented attack on free speech.

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14. Jordan Peterson apparently has a few good points on the wording of the legislation.

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15. Jordan Peterson was not evasive or unwilling to be clear about his meaning.

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16. Jordan Peterson was pressed by the British journalist Cathy Newman to explain several of his controversial views.

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17. Jordan Peterson has started all 11 games this year, and he has 758 rushing yards.

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18. Jordan Peterson continues to have a shoulder injury Jamison Crowder, receiver Trey Quinn, and tight end Jordan Reed (back).

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19. Jordan Peterson scored a 90-yard touchdown on a handoff from Mark The second passing score went to Wentz's BFF Jordan Matthews.

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20. Jordan Peterson is the only thing they have going on offense.

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21. Jordan Peterson took the handoff from Sanchez On third-and-14 from the Washington 21-yard line, Sanchez threw a quick pass to emergency quarterback Jordan Reed in the right flat.

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22. Jordan Peterson is not at all surprised that he's been so productive.

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23. Jordan Peterson returned from a torn ACL and ran for 2,097 yards in 2012.

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24. Jordan Peterson is a Toronto psychology professor and clinical psychologist.

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25. In 2016, Jordan Peterson became an honorary member of the extended family of Charles Joseph, a Kwakwaka'wakw artist, and was given the name Alestalagie.

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26. In June 2018, Jordan Peterson filed a $1.5-million lawsuit against Wilfrid Laurier University, arguing that three staff members of the university had maliciously defamed him by making negative comments about him behind closed doors.

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27. In May 2017, Jordan Peterson spoke against Bill C-16 at a Canadian Senate committee on legal and constitutional affairs hearing.

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28. On September 27, 2016, Jordan Peterson released the first installment of a three-part lecture video series, entitled "Professor against political correctness: Part I: Fear and the Law".

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29. Jordan Peterson considers that the universities should be held as among the most responsible for the wave of political correctness which appeared in North America and Europe.

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30. In May 2017, Jordan Peterson began The psychological significance of the Biblical stories a series of live theatre lectures, published as podcasts, in which he analyzes archetypal narratives in Genesis as patterns of behavior ostensibly vital for personal, social and cultural stability.

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31. Jordan Peterson supported engineer James Damore in his action against Google.

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32. Jordan Peterson has appeared on many podcasts, conversational series, as well other online shows.

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33. In 2013, Jordan Peterson began recording his lectures and uploading them to YouTube.

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34. Jordan Peterson was born on June 12, 1962, and grew up in Fairview, Alberta, a small town northwest of his birthplace Edmonton, in Canada.

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35. In 2016, Jordan Peterson released a series of YouTube videos criticizing political correctness and the Canadian government's Bill C-16.

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36. Jordan Peterson is the top option for the Skins this week.

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37. Jordan Peterson earned honorable mention working on the offensive line for the Cardinals.

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38. Jordan Peterson wrote on YouTube, "I had the great privilege of writing.

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