16 Facts About Judy Justice


Judy Justice is an American streaming arbitration-based reality court show presided over by former Manhattan Family Court Judge Judith Sheindlin.

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Judy Justice is a spin-off of courtroom series Judge Judy .

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Unconventional for the court show genre, Judy Justice is the first standard courtroom series to broadcast new episodes exclusively through a streaming service.

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Early projections were that Judy Justice would have an uphill battle succeeding amid Paramount actively broadcasting reruns of the still highly-rated Judge Judy program.

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On Judy Justice, Sheindlin has transitioned to sporting a mini-ponytail from her actual hair, as well as use of hair gel that creates for a smooth, glossy hairstyle appearance.

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Judy Justice is the first standard arbitration-based reality court show to air first-run episodes through streaming.

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Per her contract, Sheindlin and her Judy Justice crew were commissioned to produce 120 by December 2021, the largest initial order package for a streaming series.

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Some early media reports of the Amazon partnership claimed that Judy Justice would be produced in part by Scott Koondel's Sox Entertainment production company, though updated reports have only cited Amazon Studios as producing the series.

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Judy Justice did note her desires to abandon her trademarked lace collar, as well as the traditionally black colored judicial robe in favor of another colored robe.

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Conversely, by late into her 15th season of Judge Judy Justice, Sheindlin had signed a contract with CBS that advanced her salary from $45 million to $47 million annually, which lasted through to the series end.

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Judge Judy Justice viewers have been conditioned through the years to seeing reruns.

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In October 2021, Judge Sheindlin was questioned on whether she had any concern over Judy Justice failing to succeed due to IMDb TV's obscurity, the speculated loss of much of her older-aged Judge Judy viewers who are thought to be largely oblivious to new media like streaming, as well as the drawing power that the Judge Judy program still holds in broadcast syndicated reruns.

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Judy Justice added that he was not offered an audition or reached out to at all with regards to the spin-off since Sheindlin first disclosed news of the court show in her March 2020 Ellen DeGeneres Show appearance—which is how Byrd learned of the news as well.

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Judy Justice added that he was humbled by the show of support from fans.

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Judy Justice has been denounced by some media outlets and viewers over nepotism, the accusation directed at the move to add Sheindlin's granddaughter, Rose, to the program.

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Similarly to Judge Judy, Sheindlin's treatment of the parties on Judy Justice has been slammed as demeaning and degrading, particularly with respect to the idea of a wealthy, upper-class elite reprimanding and belittling impoverished, working-class, and struggling individuals.

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