9 Facts About Karen McDougal

1. In March 2018, Karen McDougal filed a lawsuit against American Media, Inc in Los Angeles Superior Court, aiming to invalidate the non-disclosure agreement.

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2. On March 22, 2018, Karen McDougal was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on AC360 in which she detailed her alleged affair with Trump.

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3. In 2018, Karen McDougal said she is registered to vote as a Republican.

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4. In March 2008, Karen McDougal appeared in a topless pictorial and interview in Spanish magazine Interviu in which she discussed her relationship with Bruce Willis at the time.

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5. In 2010, Karen McDougal became one of the owners of Pharmore Alternatives, a company selling various health and wellness supplements.

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6. In early 2004, Karen McDougal appeared in a photo spread in the Italian edition of Vogue with fellow Playmates, Pamela Anderson, Audra Lynn and Tishara Cousino.

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7. In March 1999, Karen McDougal became the first woman to appear on the cover of Men's Fitness magazine.

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8. In an online chat in 2002, Karen McDougal expressed interest in posing nude for Playboy again if offered.

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9. In 1997, Karen McDougal tried out and won her local Venus Swimwear swimsuit competition in Michigan, earning her place at the international final in Florida.

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