12 Facts About Kate Beckinsale

1. In 2012 Kate Beckinsale joined Nestle's Share the Joy of Reading Program to raise awareness about the importance of children's literacy.

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2. In 2009 Kate Beckinsale was awarded £20,000 in damages by the British High Court after taking legal action against Express Newspapers.

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3. The San Francisco Chronicle felt Kate Beckinsale was "stuck in a bit of a thankless role as the victimised wife, but she does try to infuse a harder edge to the character.

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4. In May 2010, Kate Beckinsale sat on the nine-member 2010 Cannes Film Festival jury, chaired by director Tim Burton.

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5. In 2008, Kate Beckinsale appeared in Winged Creatures, a film about how six different witnesses cope with the aftermath of a shooting.

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6. In 2007, Kate Beckinsale starred opposite Sam Rockwell in the independent drama Snow Angels, based on the novel by Stewart O'Nan.

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7. In 2006, Kate Beckinsale reprised her role as Selene in the successful vampire sequel Underworld: Evolution, directed by her husband.

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8. In 2004 Kate Beckinsale starred in the action horror film Van Helsing.

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9. In 2002 Kate Beckinsale starred in Lisa Cholodenko's Laurel Canyon as a strait-laced academic who finds herself increasingly attracted to her free-spirited future mother-in-law.

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10. In 1999, Kate Beckinsale appeared opposite Claire Danes in Brokedown Palace, a drama about two teenage Americans forced to deal with the Thai justice system on a post-graduation trip abroad.

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11. In 1997, Kate Beckinsale appeared opposite Stuart Townsend in the comedy Shooting Fish, one of the most commercially successful British films of that year.

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12. In 1993, Kate Beckinsale landed the role of Hero in Kenneth Branagh's big-screen adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.

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