12 Facts About Kaz Hayashi


Kaz Hayashi is best known for his work in All Japan Pro Wrestling, where in addition to being a wrestler for the promotion, he served as the head booker for the company's junior heavyweight division.


For much of his early career, Kaz Hayashi wrestled in Michinoku Pro Wrestling under a mask, using the ring name Shiryu.


Kaz Hayashi would be taken under the management of Sonny Onoo and even come to inherit Glacier's ceremonial armor and light show for a time.


In late 1999, Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara began booking WCW programs and Kaz Hayashi was paired with La Parka.


In mid-2000, Kaz Hayashi formed the stable The Jung Dragons along with Jamie-San and Yang.


Kaz Hayashi's contract was bought by the World Wrestling Federation following their purchase of WCW in early 2001.


Kaz Hayashi was first sent to WWF's developmental territory the Heartland Wrestling Association before being moved to the main roster.


Kaz Hayashi made his WWF main roster debut during the Invasion storyline as a member of The Alliance faction but only made one appearance before returning to HWA and ultimately heading back to Japan.


On February 6,2009, Kaz Hayashi defeated Naomichi Marufuji to win the World Junior Heavyweight Championship for a second time.


In June 2013, Kaz Hayashi announced his resignation from All Japan in the aftermath of Nobuo Shiraishi taking over as the president and Keiji Mutoh leaving the promotion.


On July 10,2013, Kaz Hayashi was announced as part of Keiji Mutoh's new Wrestle-1 promotion.


On March 27,2017, it was announced that Kaz Hayashi would become Wrestle-1's new president on April 1 with Shuji Kondo as his vice president.